Millie and Roger

Millicent was quite intent on securing Roger’s favor.

Roger tried to dodge her though as she was not his flavor.

You see, he’s an ass man, and Millie’s flat land did not garner his appeal.

It would take more in the back of the store, for him to seal the deal.

He also had a preference for bleach blondes, and old Millie was a ginger.

She didn’t care, she dyed her hair; a dedicated impinger.

She changed her style and her dress, I guess trying to impress,

This dodgy man named Roger, who needs all that stress?

Clothes and hair were fair, Roger would agree.

Millie wasn’t finished though, Roger would soon see.

Before all was said and done, all he could mutter was, “What?”

Millicent had gone out and bought herself a butt.

Between Nicki Minaj and Rhianna, her rearend was fruity,

Plumped up and paid for, she now had dat booty.

Why stop there? Millie said, unready to call it quits.

Back to the store she did go, for some brand new tits.

Oh, Roger noticed, his eyes would bug out,

when he would see Millicent twerking all about.

Ready to pounce, Rog made his move.

He sidled up to Millie, trying to be all smooth.

Say, Millie, why don’t we go on a date? I guess there’s no more good reasons for making you wait.

Millie laughed and replied, Roger, you’re a little too late, I’m already humping your friend, Nate.

Filled with surprise, Roger exclaimed with big eyes, I thought this was all for me!

Get a grip fella, I can tell you like what you see.

But you should know the truth, that nothing I do is ever for you,

Eat your heart out with envy.



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