Again…IVF and Stem Cells

Seriously. What the hell? As more and more comes to light on the stem cell issue, I am amazed at all that is not being said.

I was wholly unaware that the embryonic stem cells in question, the ones scientists wish to use to cure life threatening diseases, the ones the holy rollers are up in arms about as being special unique human beings, that shouldn’t be misused are actually MEDICAL WASTE from IVF procedures. Doesn’t that just beat all?

Again, again, again, why are the Pro-Lifers not going after a BAN for IVF?????? If these embryonic stem cells are not used in science, then they are THROWN AWAY. How is that for preciousness of life?

Frankly, I don’t give a…if rich folks inseminate themselves rather than adopt a starving baby that needs a home now, well, maybe it bothers me a bit, but it is a choice we all live with, and while it bothers me greatly, that women feel abortion is their only option, it is a choice that we all live with, no one forces us to take any choice, no one. And so, in that same vein, if stem cell research cures Parkinsons, and you have Parkinsons, and it provides you with a moral dilemma to take the treatment, then die. Die with your boots on and your principles in check. So be it.

But by the God Almighty, unless you are trying to prevent IVF, and the generation of “medical waste” i.e. embryonic stem cells (in your argument–HUMAN LIFE), shut your hypocritical mouths.

Why are you not infused with righteous indignation at Fertility Clinics??????????????????????? These are the places generating these stem cells, that I am guessing you’d rather THROW AWAY, than use for medical advancement.

This hypocrisy is unbearable. It truly is.


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