The Bodhisattva Waits

I am neither proud nor ashamed. “I” am not. Most people would give up. Most people would throw their hands in the air, exclaiming—‘what can I do?’, and respond to themselves, ‘nothing.” That is bullshit.
You can always do something. I hate dealing in ‘oughts’. It is not my place to tell people to feed the hungry, stop raping in Darfur, cease oppression in The Land of the Snow Lion. But to sit on your ass, bitching about how shitty your life is, and that is all, well, goddamn, here goes, you didn’t ask, but I am telling you—Do something! Anything.

A lot of folks out there, have it so much worse, than “I”, or “you”. Ha. The most preposterous conclusion is that there is a difference.

I don’t go for that touchy feely mumbo jumbo of—oh sweet day, we are all one, yay, flower behind the ear, peace sign crap. But the truth is, we are all one, and that doesn’t necessarily evoke in me feelings of love and warmth. Because I do not say we are all one, emptily, aye, no. Not just the good, hippie, all is one on mushrooms, malarkey, no, we are also all one with the asshole, warmongering, wasteful, neglectful, willfully ignorant jerks, too. That is yin and yang, baby! So, when “I” say, ‘we are all one’, I am not speaking of ‘Barrett-Browning love’ unless you also include ‘Virginia Woolf love’.

What I mean is that if you are here, on this planet, and I am here, on this planet, right now, we share a tremendous common bond, that for my liking, has been far too long disregarded. How this escapes people every freaking day, how they continue to waste opportunity after another to embrace this wonderment, is beyond me.

And I am sad, for everyone who doesn’t get it. Anyone, who does not see that we have a chance here for something incredible, and all it takes is respect for one another. The answer is FREE. But it comes at a cost. You have to open your minds, let go of prejudices, and break free from the illusion you have so carefully constructed. Yeah, I know, it is difficult, but POSSIBLE.

Peace is possible, but it has to come from inside to reconnect us on the outside.
Now, that sounded fruity to me, but I stand behind it from both a philosophic and psychological standpoint.

People just don’t want it bad enough. The Bodhisattva waits.


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