Darth Cheney speaks…ears bleed

Not only did our country, but our world became INFINITELY safer from terrorist attacks, when George Bush and Dick Cheney were relieved of their ‘duties’ in DC. How? The world no longer sees us as religiously fanatical bullies forcing a skewed moral doctrine and a bastardized formula for democracy wrapped in oligarchy and capitalism down their throats. And where has this American philosophy gotten us? Financial crisis, enemy combatants, owing a TRILLION DOLLARS to a COMMUNIST country for cheap, plastic goods that no one needs.

Cheney needs a serious reality check. Do you think he really buys his own shit? And some folks think he is smart??? Pure evil. I hope the world does try him for war crimes. He is nothing now, but a karmic mess, that his children and his children’s children will pay for, along with the rest of us.
Mr. Cheney, I know what shinola is, don’t insult me with your mongering rhetoric. We are safer now that you are no longer in control.
You are a fucking asshole.

Evil Incarnate


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