Rick Perry’s Opponent Accuses Texas Governor Of Slacking On The Job

Oh no. He is getting paid to do something. His hair. Shoot coyotes. His hair. Drink Iced Tea on a mega-rented-mansion porch. His hair. Lie. Lie. Lie. Be pompous. Lie. His hair. Be a jack ass. Lie while doing his hair.

Believe you me, that takes like 25 hours a day. The man is a real go getter.

And please, I beg of you. Don’t hate Texas because there are some aholes here. Where I live, in Austin, you will be hard pressed to find kinder, friendlier, more open minded people. It is the rest of the rural, non modernized, good hearted people of my state that want to believe that this jack tard they elected really wants what is best for them.
At the heart, we have great people in this big state. And every state has aholes. We have more because we are bigger.
So please. Don’t judge me, or my beloved state, because we have our fair share of idiots.
Come see. I will show you that Texas is great. It could be better, but it ain’t all bad.
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