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To all God fearing, America loving Patriots

To all of you who would save a fetus at the same time you’d sacrifice a soldier, who would argue for the sanctity of marriage after your third divorce or after cheating or beating on your wife, those of you who use the bible to justify your prejudice, self righteous judgments and hatred, those of you who claim to “have concern for your countrymen” but look the other way while 13,000,000 children starve in your backyard as the bombs we drop on other countries are purchased without care for cost, those of you who think being patriotic means rewarding greed while forcing medical bankruptcy on people dying of cancer as insurance companies allot for 18% of our nation’s GNP, to those of you who say you are prolife but also pro death penalty, I say–Fuck you. You are hypocrites. Yes I am talking to you if even one of these shoes fit.

I am sick of talking to people who only chose to get involved with politics when a half black man was elected. If you are mad about Benghazi, why weren’t you irate at the 56 people who died in embassy attacks under G. W. Bush? If you think Afghanistan was a mistake, why didn’t you say so when G. W. Bush invaded it?
Iran Contra anyone???? Watergate? Oh how quickly we forget the transgressions of our heroes!

All I can say is either you love all of America, or you are free to leave. People told me that for 8 stolen years. But ignoring facts in light of pursuing ignorance results in oppression, and it neither Christian nor patriotic. It is selfish and defeatist. At any rate I hope you will all learn better than to try and sell me that bullshit sale of goods. I see through you and your duplicitous, bastardized psuedo-nationalistic morality.


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