Gay Marriage, cont.

the fact that anyone in this fucking country that so pridefully espouses freedom continues to speak of banning gay marriage, well, it makes me want to go live with wolves, and leave humans to themselves.
it is not enough that the prop H8 passed, now those assholes are trying to get the marriages that were formed during the time before bigotry voted it conscience, overturned. Ok. if we are gonna go back, and just overturn things back to when they suited us, lets go all the way back, to the garden, before we “knew” what we “know”
lets go back to paradise before we learned to hate each other or ourselves. lets go back to that.
but this bullshit of continually belittling and begrudging our fellow human beings rights that we all share as a birth rite, is sickening.
Psychologically it points to a true sickness of self hatred.
I guarantee that all those hate mongers who are trying to impede what is a meaningless social ritual in the name of piousness, have a houseful of skeletons.
Let go, man. Be gay if you are. its ok. But your self hatred and ignorant fear is wearing on my nerves.
Why do you care? Why should we care that you care?
You are the sick ones. Spending your whole life concerned with how others live? How empty your own life must be.
AHA! That is it, isn’t it? You have no life so you wanna go ruin others.
Get real. Go to a mixer. Have a martini. But stop wasting valuable time trying to dictate what other adults do. You are a sad sack of shit to do so.
There are bigger more important issues. World poverty. Recession. War. Starvation AND Obesity? What? How? Yeah. What the fuck.

Deal with some important shit, or shut the fuck up. God, I am so sick of this debate.


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