It’s no thing.

All I can remember, is that one day, I awoke with a sense of urgency, a burning necessity to deconstruct every thing. Existence can be described as a series of negative reductions.  It seems so clear to me now.

But most people see it as a series of positive expansions, based on what, I would ask. Where did it start? Where will it end?  Whew, those are biggies.

This part has been edited for public consumption. If you want to explore it, email me.

Expedient Means.

Where’s the sutra? What is the sutra?

It kind of washes away a great deal of stress and bother, in life. However, this realization makes it no less interesting, to participate in. What a ride. Life is so crazy, and yet, it makes perfect sense. Ha!

Nagarjuna still blows me away, blows me away.

Greetings from the Lone Star State.


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