This is a response to a huffpo thread that was moderated (surprise) but fortunately I copied it. It best represents a small part of my views on the illegitimate use of the Bible as a substitute for personal responsibility.


My morality does not come from a 2000 year old news report. When I determine what is right, it is by critical thinking that utilizes awareness, philosophy, science and compassion as a common sense. I cannot refute [your] quotes because you obviously wish to leave the burden of your choices and their ramifications at someone else’s door. I don’t do that. I own my mistakes. I do not praise or blame a book for my failings. So I am sorry, but your inability to express your moral system without the use of a guide written 2000 years ago precludes us from having any rational discussion on the matter of right and wrong in this Current Era. I shan’t waste another moment of your time.
St. Thomas Aquinas argued that the greatest gift God every gave humans was the Gift of Reason. I find it not only a shame, but the ultimate disgrace to God when humans disregard Reason in pursuit of segregation and intolerance. But that is between you and your God. Best of luck.”


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