Rachel Hattig/Rochelle Sonora

Here you go Rachel, I can tell you’ve been looking for this. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I took this post down because I abhor the ugly reminder of such treachery, but as I have received several search results for “rachel hattig; scam” I am left to believe either Rachel is vainly searching herself or other victims are seeking assistance.
So, I will repost it if it helps others. If you have encountered this woman and she has scammed you, leave me a message and I will respond in kind. If it is Rachel, thank you for the traffic! I am still waiting for your law suit. 😉

Three years ago I answered an ad on craigslist for a room to let. I met with the woman who was leasing the unit (a single bedroom in a two bedroom condo that I was to share with another anonymous renter as she was “moving” out). We agreed on the price $400 month to month, wherein I paid a $100 deposit to secure the room to assure her of my intent to rent with the remaining $300 to be paid upon move in. I have a signed agreement to prove this arrangement. I had no intention of staying there longer than a month as I was in between places to live and just needed a place until my apartment opened up. To be honest, it was not a case where I planned on making a long term friend, or stay very long so I hastily overlooked several warning signs of destructive potential.

#1 Lie: Rachel was not moving out. She had signed a lease for this two bedroom condo and was renting out the bedrooms with the intention to sleep in the living room. Fair enough, I only needed a place to sleep and for my dog to stay while I was at work.

#2 Lie: Upon moving in my final load, I paid Rachel the remainder of my rent ($300) as per our agreement wherein she immediately changed the arrangement and claimed that I owed her an extra $100. I should have just moved my things out then. I had been screwed over before and this is why, when I initially agreed to rent the room, I was adamant and very specific about the terms. I wouldn’t have agreed to put up a non refundable deposit to live in this dump she was renting, it was more like a flop house and frankly I felt $400 was a bit much to begin, but it was only for a short time and so I agreed, but not before getting this very specific agreement in writing that Rachel Hattig then tried to shake me down more money for after I had moved my things in by trying to say that the $100 she had received was a “non-refundable” deposit. You can see clearly on the original receipt that she was obviously lying.

Feeling uneasy, I took my dog to stay with a friend and spent my second night away from the place in question. I had a bad feeling so on my first night I installed a key lock on my closet to secure my personal belongings (clothes, books, journals, computers etc). On the third morning, agitated that I would not cave on the shake down for more money, Rachel Hattig went absolutely nuts, (I have the recorded phone messages) where in she threatened me that if I did not give her more money that she would put all my things on the curb.

I called the cops to meet me there. They were 45 minutes late and completely impotent. She had already removed the door from my secure closet, taken about 75% of my belongings and put the rest on the curb wherein I was forced to fend off neighbors going through my belongings. She taunted me as the officer said nothing, about how she’d gone through my things, read my journal (what a sick fuck) and noticed all my books about Buddhism and Religion (text books from college). She stood there, after knowing that she’d just stolen my money, half my clothes, all my hats, and to this day I am finding things that are missing from her thievery, books, jewelry, money, a computer, linen, diamond earrings, and TWO mobile phones of which one was still active and that she or whomever she sold it to used for two months in Mexico and AT&T has proof of that. The APD cop just stood there as I removed what I could, that was left, as Rachel Hattig the lying, thieving skank taunted me by quoting the Buddha and preaching to me about righteousness. What a psycho!

And if that is not enough, crazy bitch had the nerve to CONTINUE to taunt me on myspace after she stole my shit. Below is our exchange.


Texas Made says
The officer that you called to help you, was my witness for all the people you called on me. I just want you to know that I could have retaliated on you like you did to me.But unlike you I choose to live a higher life. A life that doesn’t include revenge. You see you were only able to see your perspective. You had agreed to pay the rest of the rent on Monday, if you didn’t want to pay it why move in? Did you think I would change my mind? I was already nice enough to even let you owe it and pay out the pet deposit but that wasn’t enough for you was it? If I would have gave you your deposit back I would have had to come up with 1,000 dollars and its was already the 3rd! It doesn’t matter to you that I have a 4 year old and dogs that need a home does it? All you care about is yourself. What was I supposed to do ? Just let you stay here with your shitty attitude and pay your rent for you? Why should I pay your rent just because you didn’t have it. I know that you knew you had to pay the 400, that’s why you never showed the receipt to me. You just didn’t have the money and you thought I would just let you stay the month but you were wrong. If you would have been honest I would have let you stay, I did it for my current roommate, He has been late every month he has been here yet I work with him. I gave you every opportunity and you refused to compromise so I made the choice that would protect me, my roommate and my family. Luckily. spirit (god, positive vibrations whatever you call it) saved me from you. The cop testified for animal control and CPS and the city that you were just a pissed off tenant who refused to pay rent and got mad. (Which is common). So common in fact animal control didn’t even come out they just gave me a courtesy call to let me know you called. Have you ever heard the saying “people teach best what they most need to learn”? That’s you. You try so hard to be spiritual yet you are anything but. Smoking pot and getting high and feeling good is easy. Its when people piss you off and you want to fuck them over when your true nature shines through. I know where you are and I know where you work. That’s how I found your myspace. However I will not retaliate despite what all my friends say. I refuse to lower myself to that kind of person.Karma is something we do to ourselves not god punishing us. Karma is our way of teaching ourselves how best to live our lives. I will not try to cause you hurt or pain. Instead I want you to know that I forgive you.
Gypsy Zingaro says
Thank you for this. It is awesome. The admissions, the threats. Priceless. You are your own worst enemy. Good luck. You are going to need it.
I recommend you study the Texas Property Code. And the Texas Guide to Real Estate Practice. I have.
You are right about alot of things, but so lacking in your application of principles. Decency must be the foundation of anything regarding integrity. Otherwise, words are as empty as air.
Tell yourself what you like. You know, that I know that you know the truth. And the truth shall set us free.
Thank you again, for admitting that you took money from me, that you let me move in, and that you threw me out without notice. I am grateful for your input. It is going to come in handy.
Love from the universe,
oh yeah, i really appreciate the voice mails you left detailing the entire wrongful eviction. you, oh you, you are awesome!!!!!!!
Texas Made says
  • I am not sure how you got that from what I wrote but feel free to use it in any possible to try to suit your needs. If you had an legal standing at all the cop would have asked me to stop removing your items instead of warning me about your actions of vengeance and being a witness to the many agencies you called. It is sad to me that someone who claims to be on the path to enlightenment would make such primitive choices. Like I could sue you for making false statements about me to all the people you called. I would win especially since you did it right in front of a cop. Who is willing to testify and already did for the people you called on me. I will not however. You are not worth my time. You have nothing of value so suing you just wastes my money and time. All I can hope is that in time you actually learn whats in all those books you have stacked in the bottom of all those boxes of yours ………..
    • Sep 13, 2009
      Gypsy Zingaro says
      And just so you know, so we are very clear, so there are no misunderstandings, this is not about revenge, it is a reckoning. This is about protecting your future victims. This is about doing what is right.
      You talk alot about spirituality and the like. You should read your own words.
      I don’t hate you Rachel. Quite the contrary. I am going to set this straight as a matter of principle. What you did was wrong. Stealing is wrong. And I feel it is my obligation as a bodhisattva to show you what you obviously do not know. It is my duty to you, and the rest of those who suffer this human condition.
      I, too, gave you a chance to honor our agreement, but you obviously got into financial straits and decided to take a dishonorable approach to our circumstances. We reap what we sow. Amen.
      I do wish you the best. I am only here to shed the light.
      Texas Made says
      Wow…….all I can say is wow……..
      I am sure we would all like to assume our actions are justified by our religion…….
      However they are not.
      Texas Made says
      lol I don’t lie about the things I have done in life. I don’t do anything that I feel wrong for. Honestly I tried to explain that to you in my first email. I am sorry that are not yet ready to take responsibility for your life and your actions. Until you realize that your life is a product of your choices you will continue to a live out of unpacked boxes….
      I hope she reads her own words. lol

AND NOW! Almost three years later, she has come looking for me.

I eventually let go of my anger for her. To be honest, she taught me a great lesson about the power of letting go and loving those who wrong us because we must learn to do so as there seem to be more wretches out there like the Rachel Hattig than there are people who aren’t on craigslist running scams on people. Which is exactly what it was. In retrospect I realized that Rachel never intended for me to stay for a month, she merely put that add on craigslist to scam me for money so she could pay her rent. So allow me to be clear, and I pray you learn from my mistake, don’t ever trust Rachel Hattig. She “raises” Pit Bulls for money, lives off the dole and scams people for money rather than working. My research on her indicates someone who has been in “the system” for most her life, from juvey to various legal issues to drugs and last I checked she had a few warrants out for her arrest. DON’T buy a dog from her NOR rent a room for her. But if you’re near her, I would like my hand knitted bag back. She can keep the rest of my things. Why, I want her to have them. I would hate to think of her pining away in envy for all the things I had, which I have since replaced with better things that she will never get her grubby hands on.

There is no justice here. I got the charges expunged from my account but in the end, I felt pursuing her any more was a detriment to my self and the hate I felt for her nearly destroyed me. I find the best revenge is to forgive and forget. Something Rachel knows nothing about, as she has the audacity to come here and comment on my blog as though I have no control over what gets posted. I suppose most criminals are that dumb. I am going to allow it though, because although, I have long since moved on and was prepared to let it go, her coming after me here has prompted me to post this story and her idiocy/psychosis for people to make up their own minds.

I love you Rachel. I really do. I hope some day you get “well”. I encourage you to come back. You might just learn something. Toodles!



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25 responses to “Rachel Hattig/Rochelle Sonora

  • Janis Alanis

    This is nothing more than a two bit ramshackle puppy mill. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002159492460
    Do NOT trust her with animals. I’ve seen how she lives. I have video of about 8 dogs in a condo sized back yard living in a lean-to shed constructed out of broken down spare wood pieces. She has no business selling dogs.

  • Rachel Hattig

    This is laughable. How do you find the time to write all of this?? I am just in awe of your ability to write this much about me to be honest. Well and if I am being entirely honest I am a bit flattered as well. Any renter would have done what I did. Once you move in rent is due and just because you change your mind doesn’t mean you get your money back, In fact most places would sue you for breach of contract and not giving 30 days notice that you are leaving. BTW Slandering my company is illegal and I can sue you for it. I do not breed dogs I train them, big difference. If you keep the site up I will file charges on you for slander, as you have no proof that I am not a capable dog trainer. I promise you don’t want to have to argue a judge with all of the personal references I have for being an excellent trainer. I have many repeat customers as well. You do realize I have a child right?? By hurting me you hurt her. Are you that low?

    • Janis Alanis

      #1 Don’t be flattered. Writing about you is like wiping my ass; an unpleasant task that needs to be done. I consider warning the general public about you a community service and civic duty. #2 You are not a renter, you are a grifter. BIG DIFFERENCE. #3 You have no contract for me to have breached, do I really have to tell you that? (I am the holder of the only contract between us, and it does not support your lies.) #4 Making a free Facebook page and copying someone else’s name and changing it slightly does not a professional business make. I don’t give two shits about your “personal references”. If you are a “professional” anything, you better have a DBA and tax records, business receipts, contracts, waivers, insurance, et. al., to prove it, (maybe you have time to falsify evidence and make fake business records? Maybe. FELONY, certainly.) But maybe you do have those, then I’ll be interested to see what the government says about the money I feel certain you are taking from them in light of your standing as a “professional” dog trainer. (Tax Evasion, anyone? Wonder if the IRS thinks you’re a professional, hmm?) ANYone can write a “reference” letter. ANYone can call themselves “professional” but the law has higher standards than those you function under–as in making shit up as you go along. #5 Take responsibility for your actions, that is the only way you will ever help your daughter. I did not ask for you to steal from me and lie to me. I did not make you come here and track me down so you could leave a trail of your ugliness across my life. But I will be good and goddamned if your two bit trailer trash piece of shit ass is gonna threaten me. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you!
      I WELCOME the opportunity to see you in court! One of two things will happen; either you will tell the truth (HA! Yeah right.) and dismiss your own case, or you will stick to this sociopathic narrative you consistently create and commit perjury in a court of law.
      God, I would almost pay to see you do that. Perjury is a FELONY. To watch you go to jail for lying would be poetic justice. So by all means, sue me. Let’s dance. Hit me with your best shot.
      Because you can talk out of both sides of your mouth all you want out here on the internet, but you will go to prison for lying in a sworn statement in a court about what you know you did (stealing my things and my money, illegally evicting me and now stalking me). So, you go girl. Get a lawyer and lets get this party started. Sue me if you are crazy enough to think you can lie on the stand to a judge’s face and get away with it, I want you to! Question is, do you think you’re good enough to pull it off? I believe in you! Not only do I believe in you, I quadruple dog dare you. You’ll never know if you don’t try. But don’t ever threaten me again, it’s a waste of both our time. I am not the least bit afraid of you or your desperate threats.
      I am ready when you are, darlin’. You need to bring tha noise or stfu. 😉 Love ya doll!

  • Rachel Hattig

    I am suing you for defamation of character. FYI

    • Janis Alanis

      Bring it.

    • Janis Alanis

      You do realize if you sue for defamation, your character will be put under a microscope? Are you prepared for that kind of scrutiny? LOL! That you would bring that on yourself is beyond priceless. I know you have secrets, Rachel, and they will all be exposed. However, I will make you a deal, if you send me a private message copping to what you did including all the things you took and admit you knew it was morally wrong, I will remove this post immediately AND I promise on this public forum to never sue you for return of my money and belongings you took from me. I am not interested in restitution or repayment of any kind. I just want to hear the truth in your words. And then I will be happy to remove this post! You can send it to my myspace mail, at your leisure as I have nothing but time. Looking forward to your response.

  • Rachel Hattig

    You came to me to rent a room and did NOT have all of the money and I STILL let you move in!!!! I was NICE to you and THIS is how you treat people who give you a FUCKING chance??? You TOLD me you would have the rest of the money later that week and I said FINE! YOU Decided you didn’t want to move in days later!! I NEVER told you to leave!! NEVER!!!!!! Then AFTER the 1st of the month when I ask you for the rest of the rent you told me you wanted to move out, and then had the audacity to ask for your money back?? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???!!! NO ONE WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!! You had a receipt from partial rent from me, which PROVES I could NOT have just kicked you out! Especially after you called the cops!! The LAWS don’t allow for me to kick people out you dumb bitch, I have to evict them! YOU WANTED to leave and got PISSY when you realized I wouldn’t give you your money back . Then you called the cops to try to make them make me, give you your money back. STUPID!!! Of course the cop told you NO! Then you got angry and called every organization known to man on me. WHAT THE FUCK DID I EVER DO TO YOU, YOU FUCKING CRAZY BITCH!!

    And no I have no secrets NONE you dumb bitch you made sure to that. Do you feel better now? Telling everyone that I was a foster child?? You are so rotten inside. You have no heart and no soul. you are filled with hatred at yourself for what you have done to your life and you are taking it out on me. Being 40+ and alone, with no career renting out rooms with no life plan…I understand how angry and scared you are. I wish you could direct it at yourself though because I DON’T DESERVE IT!!! I am not the reason you can’t keep a job or afford to rent your own place. I am not the reason that you fill the pages of this website with anger and judgments! You are filled with hatred and anger and it’s splashed all over the pages of this site. I am sure I am just one of many people you have verbally assaulted over the years. This blog post PROVES just how immature and stupid you truly are. What mature adult would have done this?? I have NEVER seen ANYONE stoop this low. It’s so childish that it just proves how fucked up you truly are.

    I will be suing you and I am not afraid of scrutiny by anyone. You flat out lied about me and my business and that is proven. I have MANY clients who LIKE me and APPRECIATE my dog training skills and will be GLAD to provide statements of my ability’s.Yes I used to breed dogs but that was years ago and ALL of my clients know about this. You are a LIAR and this is not even hard to prove as you made blind statements against me.
    I already took screen shots of this entire page for court . It only cost me $96 to file a civil suit against you. I will “bring it” as you said LMAO!! BTW How old are you again??

    BTW do you remember Damien? He was my BF at the time and was there when you have me the rent..He is MORE than willing to testify about you and EXACTLY what happened. Also my roommate Chris who lived there with you and me at the same time, he is also willing to testify about you and what happened. You already lost in court trying to sue me once you sure you want to lose again??

    You have a habit of self destruction and self defeat so I will count on you showing up to court 😉

    • Janis Alanis

      Crazy person says what?

    • Janis Alanis

      Now that is the work of a professional. Even if I didn’t have the emails, you all but negated any opportunity to prove you are a professional with this threatening, profanity laden diatribe in a public forum. Nice work Rachel. Nothing says professional like all capital letters, bad grammar and a deluge of curse words.
      I almost feel sorry for you for being too dense to see how you just sank your own ship with that ill communication. Poor poor Rachel.

  • Rachel Hattig

    You are so dumb LOL, I don’t need an attorney to sue you ROFLMAO!!! It’s called small claims court honey, just you, me the evidence and the judge. What evidence do you have?? I filled my company with the state of texas last year and yes I even had a tax ID number as well as clients and receipts. Where is your proof I don’t train dogs and only breed them? Where is your proof that I scam people out of money? I have no less than 5 past roommates right now, just waiting to provide proof of my character and my excellent renting skills to the court. You are FUCKED. Period.

    • Janis Alanis

      Small claims seems appropriate seeing as its your virtue you’ll be arguing. Sorry. I thought you were serious.
      Talk is cheap. Get to it girl. Do what you gotta do.

      But just for giggles, wouldn’t it be funny if since the last time you saw me I got a job that took me out of the country, say to China? And wouldn’t it be hilarious if you filed your claim and spent the next 6 months looking for me, to never be successful because you assumed I was still in Austin? Wouldn’t that be hilarious? God, I would find that incredibly comical if you were trying to serve someone with papers who was out of the country. That would crack me up.
      Not saying that is the case and I certainly don’t want to dissuade you from your angered path, but man, that’d be pretty funny.

  • Janis Alanis

    Oh yeah! I took the effort to highlight the lies you told just in the emails that you are still trying to dispute with your spin.

    So tell me Rachel, how much money did I give you? Because following logical deduction this statement: “If I would have gave you your deposit back I would have had to come up with 1,000 dollars and its was already the 3rd!” implies I gave you $1000. Did I give you that much? If you say so.

    And I wonder about the statement: ” I know that you knew you had to pay the 400, that’s why you never showed the receipt to me.” I mean, I posted a picture of the receipt, do you stand behind your statement still?

    And how does the statement (your words) “the cop would have asked me to stop removing your items” gel with your claims that I reneged on our deal? Just wondering.

    Don’t get me started on the “I know where you work” attempt to rattle me, pathetic.

    I look forward to the day this is over. But don’t think it will be easy.

  • Rachel Hattig

    Honestly I am done,this is crazy LOL. I don’t even train dogs anymore, I even gave up the URL before any of this even happened. That’s why you thought I only had a facebook. I had an entire website, and yes I have filed with the state and I do have a tax ID. I don’t really care if you believe me or not. I have realized that by giving you attention I am letting you win. You can’t hurt me anyway. Everyone who I showed this to assured me that no one would believe you. No one is going to believe that a cop allowed me to wrongly evict you first off. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Your pudding stinks and tastes bad in people’s mouth. You fail to realize that your very actions in this regard prove how crazy you really are. You just can’t see that, because you are crazy.(crazy people don’t know they are crazy) Everyone else I know is WAY to mature to stoop to this kind of behavior, and ALL of them assure me that anyone reading this will agree with that. You posts are extreme, filled with hate and lack any kind of personal responsibility whatsoever. Anyone who reads this will see that

    A. at 40 years of age you were renting from someone HALF your age.

    B. You LOST a law suit against me.

    C. A cop testified against you.

    D. You lack job stability and life stability.

    E. You are incapable of taking personal responsibility for your actions.

    F. You have MAJOR anger issues.

    G. You are obsessed with me.

    H. You FAKE your spirituality by repeating what you think people want to hear. Yet anyone with a computer can read your words of hate spread across the internet.

    J. You are a poor left wing extremist who TROLLS websites because you have no life or friends and spits insults to anyone who disagrees with you.



    • Janis Alanis

      I am not trying to hurt you Rachel, I am saving your future victims. Besides, you don’t need my help to illustrate your insidiousness, you do just fine on your own. I am glad you decided to give up this farce and throw in the towel; defeated. Wise move!
      Thank you for advertising my blog. I can’t wait for your friends to come and do drive by insults. Oh wait. One already did. You do realize that all your visits here drove up the traffic on my sight, in turn, making this post more visible, right? So in essence, you telling your friends about it, gave this message legs. So, thank you.

      You don’t understand the eviction laws STILL, but I do look forward to the day when you are educated enough to grasp the process. I take your criticisms of my behavior with a grain of salt, specifically in light of your behavior. Nothing can repair the damage you’ve done (yourself!) to your public integrity by coming here and starting this mess and carrying on like a maniac. I told you from the beginning I’d post every treacherous, ridiculous comment you made, and I will continue to do so. I will respond, in kind, to your insanity, with logic and the truth. So let’s address your enumerated list.

      A. So what? I rented a room? That is your defense of your atrocious actions or some kind of insult to me? Weak.
      B. I never once sued you ever. So, having never sued you, I have never lost against you. No matter what you say, that will never change. Public record searches will prove that.
      C. No cop ever testified against me. Give me his name, or their names. If you are so all fired honest, lets hear the names of any cop who ever testified against me “on your behalf”. Truth is, that is a lie too, and there is no way on this planet you have the balls to name any cop, because no such cop exists. I feel that pretty much speaks for itself.
      D. You have absolutely no idea about my job or life stability. You knew me for 3 days! My references work at schools, colleges and professional (really) businesses, not a bunch of hood rats who can peck out undereducated attempts at ‘references’. That is a superfluous lie without any regard to any subjective purpose. But I know how you like to just make things up, so I understand how you feel like you have to say untruths as it is the only way you know to communicate.
      E. Coming from you, considering your world view is catawampus, I take that as a compliment.
      F. Three fingers pointing right back at you. You need some serious help with your anger. But let it eat away at you. This effects me zero. I do hate it for you though. It’s a terrible way to live.
      G. This is my favorite. You came here. You tracked me down. You are holding a grudge against me because I called you on your bullshit. You traced me through FIVE websites (so far! And thanks for that evidence that you offered freely), and that’s just what I know of. You commented on my blog, first and without provocation. I haven’t thought of you since ’09. You came after ME Rachel. And still! You still come here. STILL. So nice try painting me as the obsessed one. You are straight up SWF, the movie.
      H. I won’t entertain, at all, your critique of my spiritual endeavors. I don’t care what you think. I don’t respect what you think. And I don’t care what your friends think. I don’t care if they don’t like my blog or me. I don’t believe that they or you have the power to influence my readers or associates. Any one who would take your word over my life and my actions, well frankly, their opinion does not matter much.
      I. Or J, rather. This is just proof that you are obsessed with me. You went and copied comments from a random blog to prove what? That you AREN’T obsessed with me? Not so smooth, Tonto!

      I don’t want to tell you how to live, but you are not coming off too great here and I would advise you to stop commenting here for your own good. If you are still planning on suing me, (Ojala!) you probably want to start exercising your right to remain silent. (Although, it’s a bit late for that.)

      In conclusion, I am glad you realized how ridiculous it is to keep throwing gasoline on this fire. This blog is like my house. I won’t kick you out but make no mistake; you were not invited here, your presence has been nothing but hostile and I will not tolerate your excessive lying without honest refutation. Keep looking me up on line. Stalk me from afar. But for god’s sake, learn some tact and grammar. You look like a fool with these posts. I pity you.

      Good day.
      Love ya! jaz

  • Terri

    Wow. What a sad blog.

    In the first place, if your intuition had warned you to stay away.. perhaps an intuitive person would have listened. The law clearly lays on the side of the person you are bashing, so this must be the only venue left open to you.

    To slander a person and use my and others Spiritual beliefs as some sort of justification for hatred and fear based bashing is a false representation of what we believe. You do not represent Buddhists teach or believe. Let it be known here and now. Bodhisattva’s do NOT use anger, hate, fear, name calling etc to accomplish goals.

    To call child protective services on a person that you clearly claim you did not even know, but felt “ok” enough to move in with is nothing but the revenge of an angry, hate filled, revengeful person. Please do not use Buddhism as a justification for your attacks.

    Would that the Dalai Lama could read this post and see the name calling, libel and slanderous statements here. I just dont remember the last time he called someone a “lying, skank, whore” .. or called CPs and other authorities over his own mistake.

    Texas law resides on the side of the person you slander, like it or not. You may not give a deposit, and pay rent.. and then decide later that you changed your mind. Perhaps a very nice person would have given you back part of the rent.. but she was under no legal obligation to. And if it is true that she had already paid the rent with that money.. then i do not see your point.

    You clearly state that your things were removed from the house in question, and that other people were going through your things when you got there, but you assume it was the woman who took your things. Yet, if she had.. you could have had her arrested for being a thief. That didnt happen. Obviously the police didnt see it your way.

    Whether or not you like the person involved, you were in the wrong. Oh well. You made a mistake.. live and learn. But to carry such anger and hatred so many years later and try to justify it with Buddhism is a shame in itself.

    I guess it shows that you are not only NOT a practicing Buddhist.. but have no more conception of what a Bodhisattva is, who would teach with love, not anger, than you do for the law in Texas.

    Forgiveness and understanding that each person is perfect on the path they are on at the moment is what is called for. And so I must do with you. Perhaps one day you will look back on these absurd posts and blush with embarrassment :/

    • Janis Alanis

      Your time would be better spent saying all those things to Rachel. Or did you miss how she came here and opened up this pandoras box with her initial post on 3/21? Or do you choose to ignore that to attack me too about a situation that you know nothing about and have absolutely nothing to do with? How convenient!
      Why do you think I’m angry? I’m not. Because I posted the truth about Your friend Rachel? Truth hurts. Your faux lecture on Buddhism seems to miss that.
      If you’re going to preach about righteousness, maybe you should get the whole story.
      If I were angry, I’d have posted this two years ago after Rachel ripped me off, but I stayed silent. Until she came here and poked the beehive. Where’s your words of wisdom for her? I’ll patiently wait for your attitude adjustment once you properly ponder that.
      I do thank you for coming though, proving Rachel’s obsession with me extends to her friends.
      But I don’t (can’t) take anyone seriously who defends the woman who stole from me, lied to me and now publicly twisted off on me, when your criticism is so obviously biased. Where’s your scolding for her anger, for her inappropriate language? Yeah, exactly.
      And regarding your understanding of Buddhism, nowhere that I ever read said practicing Buddhism means laying down when thieves and thugs rob you and stalk you. So save your sanctimony. You’re obviously a troll for Rachel and now your actions have been documented in a public forum.
      In closing, get bent.

      Look up Vimalikirti. He was a challenge to the Buddha’s followers the same way you and Rachel are challenged by me. I am his reincarnation. That should makes things clearer for you next time you choose to step into my arena and you don’t like what you see.

  • Rachel Hattig

    BTW I know you still live in Austin because you were dumb enough to post about a meet up in Austin. Lonely? having trouble finding friends? You might want to try looking in the mirror.

    And yes I am aware of the fact that I left out the I in my editing. 🙂

    • Janis Alanis

      Wow. You must get your sleuthing skills from Scooby Doo. You do know that meet ups can happen online, right? A million things can happen in two months since I posted that invite. And that arranging discussion groups is a social activity meant to continue education for life edifying growth opportunities is not a bad thing? Education, you might try it. It isn’t a sign of loneliness, it’s a sign of the pursuit of knowledge, which you’ve illustrated brilliantly that you are not interested in, in the least. Not to mention your propensity towards anti-social behavior, I guess I can see why meeting with others to exchange ideas would be a negative for you.

      RE: Missing letter I in your list. Problems figuring out Microsoft Office bullets? Allow me.

      When making a list and the occasion rises that you must delete one of your bullets, simply, backspace to the end of the statement before the next statement you wish to make. Then, hit enter. Your sequence will begin in order. You might have to cut and paste the following enumerations following the same process, but to show you how to do that, I’ll need to sit down with you at a computer. Any time! Or maybe you can get into a trade school or community college classes to teach you the basics. Let me know if your interested, I could recommend you some classes.
      See how nice I am? I won’t even charge you for that lesson in Word.
      You’re welcome.

    • Janis Alanis

      Whatsa matter Rachel? Baby girl can’t fight her own battles? You send your friend Terri to reiterate your lies and justify your actions? Ha! Surest sign of weakness. Now I know I got you running scared when you have to call back up to a tussle you started. You are precious in your willful ignorance. I love it! Keep it up y’all! Let’s see how many people you can implicate in this travesty. Keep ’em comin’.

      And Terri, if you had addressed both Rachel and me in your attempt to shame me (I’m a Nagarjunian Buddhist, not a Catholic) your condemnation might have held more weight. As it stands, your bias makes you a greater hypocrite than you painted me. Buddhism is not for proselytes. It is not about conversion. You are not any kind of expert on my practice, just like I cannot tell you about yours, but I damn sure know that your logic is pathetically weak and your attempt to alter my path is as fruitless as me trying to get my money back from Rachel. (Ha!) True change can only come from inside. This knowledge also weakens the attempted blow to my practice. You don’t know me so anything you say will be borne of an illusory grasp of the situation at hand. I owe you nothing, but compassion, which I gladly give! And compassion comes in many forms. Surely you know that….

  • Rachel Hattig

    This proves you need professional help. If I were you I would apply for SSD because of all the people receiving it, you actually deserve it. I truly hope you get the help that you need. Good luck out there and god bless!

    “Look up Vimalikirti. He was a challenge to the Buddha’s followers the same way you and Rachel are challenged by me. I am his reincarnation. That should makes things clearer for you next time you choose to step into my arena and you don’t like what you see.

    • Janis Alanis

      What’s an SSD? Funny how you’d know that but I wouldn’t. Does this mean you aren’t suing? Drat! You’re no Daisy at all!

      What Rachel? You don’t believe in the doctrine of reincarnation? Or the Principle of Conditions set forth in Nagarjuna’s Ocean Of Reasoning? I thought you and Terri were well versed in the Buddhist Arts. Perhaps you are “arhats” rather than bodhisattvas. That would explain your blatant disregard to the Heart Sutra via Hui Neng. Gate gate paragate parasamgate, Bodhisattva.

      Too bad. They are among my most treasured!

  • Rachel Hattig

    Janis Alanis, it’s been a long time since we last spoke. I am hoping that maybe we can have a calm and reasonable discussion about your blog post about me.

    Firstly I would like to apologize for my actions during your stay. I should not have looked through your things, or moved them out of the house once you stated that you were leaving and not paying the remainder of the rent that you owed. I tried to be nice by letting you move in when you didn’t have all of the money. That is something that I normally don’t do and since then have never done again. Once a person has moved into a property, they don’t get their money back just because they don’t want to live there; unless it’s a deposit and that also has limitations in regards to giving 30 days notice that you are leaving. This protects both parties by giving them time to find new roommates. That’s just standard renting procedure, as I am sure you already knew.
    I have continued to rent out rooms and I have never had anyone demand their money back after moving in. If we didn’t get along, they let me know and they moved out in 30 days. That’s how it normally works. Nobody gets screwed and people just move on with their lives.
    The only thing I can think of is that this has to do with the way that I handled the situation. Which is completely understandable. Regardless of your actions, I didn’t have the right to remove your things or invade your privacy by looking through your things. For that I apologize. I let my emotions get the best of me.
    I am not perfect, but I am no devil either. It didn’t end well, but we both share responsibility in that. It’s been many, many years since this happened and I am asking you to please let it go. I am a very different person than the one you met and I hope that you can understand that people change. I am hoping that maybe you have changed too. I am hoping that you have moved past this kind of online public shaming. It doesn’t reflect positively on either one of us; It makes both of us look childish and incapable of handling our emotions in a productive way.

    Currently, I have a great job working with the family that took me in when my mother abandoned me when I was 7, and I work in the Foster Care industry. I mentor at risk youth and try to use my life mistakes to help educate them and help prevent them from making the same mistakes.

    If you want to keep punishing me for a mistake I made 6 years ago, I can’t stop you. All I ask is for you to put yourself in my shoes. Would you want to have someone drag your dirty laundry all over the internet for years even after you grew up and changed yourself? We both made mistakes here. The difference is, I didn’t try to ruin your life afterwards. If you truly believe all of the spiritual stuff in your books, you can’t justify this behavior. Revenge is not spiritual.

    I am not a buddhist, but you were last I knew. I don’t have to be a buddhist to see the relevance in the passage below. I am letting go of the hate and anger. I am moving on regardless of the outcome of this post. I will not let this post stop me from trying to achieve my goals in life. If I have to, I will use this post as another life example for the kids that I mentor. To show them what happens when people can’t control their emotions in adulthood. To show them a real life example that maturity is a choice. It doesn’t just come with age. It comes from making hard decisions and not acting on your anger; even when you think you are justified in your actions and even when it’s all that you can think about.
    If I have to I will turn this into a positive. Just like I am using my horrible childhood and life choices, as a an example to help kids who are going through the same thing.

    The Blessed Buddha once said:
    If in your domain the enemy has hurt you,
    Why should you torture your own mind,
    This lies not in the enemy’s territory?

    Your kind family you left all behind,
    Why don’t you leave your enemy also,
    and the hate, that brings so much torment?

    We truly entertain & play with this gnawing
    anger, which brings any good one wish to purify
    to sole ruin, complete fiasco and full failure!
    Can there exist any greater fool, than one in Anger?

    When someone has done us wrong,
    We fly into hot rage and fierce fury!
    But why then do we thus repeat and commit
    the same evil as we just blamed the others?

    If somebody while wishing to worry you,
    Has done you some wrong and vile thing,
    Why do you worry then yourself,
    And thereby satisfy his wish?

    If you are in rage, and longing for revenge,
    whether you return some evil to him or not,
    You will evermore torture yourself with the
    pain that always inherently is born of any hate!

    If, out of rage and anger, your enemy
    Should do you some real wrong & harm,
    Why do you imitate his evil behaviour
    By growing blind hate in your own mind?

    That wrath and hate, through which the foe
    Has done you some unpleasant thing,
    That inner hate, indeed, you should destroy!
    Then how can you worry without any cause?

    Since moment after moment all vanishes,
    so too will vanish those five groups and
    clusters of clinging that have done you harm!
    Who is it then you’re angry with?
    Nothing is left out there! It is all gone now!

    If one person hates another person,
    Whom does he hurt most, if not himself!
    We are thus the cause of our own pain,
    Why then do we hate the others after all?
    Source: Visuddhimagga IX 22


    • Janis Alanis

      No chance; seeing as how you are just as full of shit now as you were in 2012. Nice how you tried to change the narrative of the actual events to make your behavior seem less henious. You are still a liar, still a manipulator, still a triflin’, obtuse, ignorant, and wholly self unaware jackass. Go back to the drawing board, maybe come back in 4 years from now and we will see if you get it then. But don’t bother returning with this tripe of fairy tale, hollywood ending, wishful thinking, pathological fantastasticly fraudulent bullshit story brigade you just tried to parade on me. I was there. You are a liar and a thief and the Buddhism I practice demands that I expose grifters like yourself.
      Nice try though. That took some balls.

    • Janis Alanis

      Oh and for the record I don’t spend a moment hating you, Rachel. I know how to quote the Buddha as well. I know that hating another person is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You should know that it is because I love all sentient beings, and because I have taken the vow of the bodhisattva I will always pursue encouraging you to find a way to the truth. The truth will set you free. But your insistence upon creating and building and fostering the illusion with your deception and delusion is not healthy for you and essentially is making more problems for the universe in general. so I will work with you until both of our Corporal bodies remain on this planet and then on to the ether and then back again until you make your peace with honesty and integrity. But you first must admit to your wrongs as they were perpetrated, not for me but for your own your own enlightenment. Honestly I’m surprised at all the research you have done to try disrespect me, the truth, and Buddhism just too justify your behavior that you hadn’t been able to grasp that very concept. This just goes to prove that anyone can read words, anyone can quote the Buddha, but not everyone learns a lesson. and for that, I will pray fo you until the end of time. Because as someone who has taken the vow of the bodhisattva I must be prepared to wait an eternity to enter Nirvana regardless of whether or not Enlightenment blesses me until the rest of humanity has learned everything they need as well. so no matter how long it takes for you to come to terms with the importance of pursuing the truth I will always wait for you to help you row to the other shore.
      Chant this, it will help:
      Gate gate
      Parasamgate bodhisattva

      Namaste dear one. I am and will remain eternally grateful for your reiteration of the lessons that I treasure and for continuing to foster gratitude in my heart by bearing witness to your struggle for my fortune as but for the grace of God there go I. Thank you. sometimes in life encountering the spiritual deviant is a blessing if only to make one appreciate the elevation which they have achieved. Wishing you the best on your journey, I will patiently await the day you return prepared to rejoice in singing sutras in praise of the Truth.

      And I would love all the things you stole from me returned but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Janis Alanis

        Tell me Rachel, do you still have my autographed picture of Pearl Jam? Or any of the 12 hats you stole including the one my dead father wore during his hair loss Era from chemo and that super boss Ben Sherman? They were all inside that hand knitted body cross bag I knitted for myself when I was getting my own cancer treatment. I can’t imagine you’d throw them out unless your taste is as poor as your judgment and now, you cannot display or wear those things because it will expose you for the filthy lying thief that you are. Oops! Sorry. (Not sorry) Your trifling nature has set up an automatic draft of consequences for eternity until you rectify your wretched behavior.
        Oh well, good luck with that.

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