2 Words Rush? I got 2 words for you.

I want to thank Think Progress for this compilation. It is highly indicative of what a blustery, lying, manipulative piece of shit Rush Limbaugh is.

Allow me to explain the most salient, glaring mistakes he made. And after you hear the facts if you still choose to support him, then you are a bigoted, ignorant asshole. Be my guest, let me know how that works out for you.

Falsehood #1: Birth control is not just used for sex. It prevents cancer, treats painful diseases like PID or Ovarian Cysts and is used by virgins and non sexually active people.

Falsehood #2: Women take a birth control pill every time they have sex. Or women need a birth control pill every time they have sex. Pills are taken once a day to maintain hormone levels (less often than insulin to control diabetes). They are not like condoms that are used one at a time per experience. Any adult who doesn’t know that has no business in this debate. Get out. You are an ignorant child.

Falsehood #3: Fluke, nor any other “slut/prostitute” nor any virgin on BCP or mother or sister or aunt or cousin on birth control/contraception has EVER asked ANYONE ELSE to pay for their contraception. Ever. They will still copay for all their meds just like you or anyone else who uses insurance. Just like I don’t pay for your insulin or Viagra with my tax dollars you will NEVER pay for mine nor Fluke’s, nor anyone else’s medications; contraception or otherwise with “your tax dollars”.  If you do not understand how insurance works or taxes work, you have NO business in this debate. You are very dumb and your opinion doesn’t matter. Go learn something and when you do you will be invited back.

Falsehood #4: Fluke never mentioned her sexual activity once in this Congressional hearing. Not once. Rush COMPLETELY made that up. He lied again and again and again and again. Shamelessly. He is a liar. Anyone believing him and continuing to support him is in cohorts with a liar and one who will lie about anything to make money. How do you think Jesus would feel about how Rush lies and slut shames women? Yeah I bet Jesus would be all over this!  His lies will not only effect Fluke, but the women who raised you, love you, BIRTHED you, marry you and whom you raise as your daughters. Good luck with that.

Truth: Rush fake apologized for TWO WORDs when he went on for THREE days with THOUSANDS of hurtful, dishonest, manipulative, crass, irresponsible words. Where is the apology for the three days of thousands of words he forgot about? I do not accept his apology and you shouldn’t either. Women account for about 52% of this planet and we simply won’t stand for this anymore.

It will take a while, but he must be removed and so help me at the end of this, slut will be the nicest thing anyone dares to call me, but I know what they’ll be thinkin’.  Bring it fat bastard.


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