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Palin gets tough on Obama’s health care proposals « – Blogs from CNN.com

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Palin gets tough on Obama’s health care proposals « – Blogs from CNN.com.

It is beyond sad and pathetic that the only option some people have to get themselves attention is to be a fear monger.

I am so sick of this behavior.   America deserves better.


To the Cult of Palin aka an Army of Idiots

Is it that you are too ignorant, lazy, or self serving, that you cannot find a better way to control the population of any part of nature, without shooting at a defenseless animal IN THE BACK, who is following the way of nature?

Is it that bullets are cheaper than logical scientific methods of controlling populations?

Or do you hate the wolf because he takes food from your fat overfed mouths?

Or is it that you feel better about yourself because you can fly a plane and shoot a gun?

The most overpopulated species on this planet is HUMANS. Where’s the plane, hand  me my M4.

Is it that you are so uneducated that you can’t conceive of a better, more humane way to accomplish this goal? Or are you so lazily ignorant, that you think that “conservation” means,  keeping animals from killing other animals, so that other animals can shoot them from planes?  Do you think the caribou appreciate Palin’s efforts to “conserve” them, so that she can eat them? 

Anyone who champions shooting anyone, anything in the back, is nothing less than a pathetic coward.  The caribou and wolf populations coexited for centuries, with a natural balance. It is the introduction of the predator of man when things went askew.  ME, ME, ME. We must kill the wolves, because they eat the food WE WANT.  And even if, you actually had to kill the wolves, why shoot from a plane?  Asinine, short-sighted, and cowadice.

The answer is, it makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Dominion?  As St. Aquinas said–The thing that separates us from animals is the gift of Reason, God has gifted us with Reason. And this is how you use it?

You all probably, are Pro Life aren’t you?  Pro Lifer’s taking down God’s creatures, with a shot gun and plane. I mean, if you want to feel good about yourself, and level the playing field, go hunt with bows, instead of chicken shits with guns. You are a punk! Weak, sad and pathetic. You won’t, though, because on the ground, the advantage goes to the wolves.

If you want to do something positive, control the human population, but I am guessing most of you are the types who are anti abortion, but anti birth control, because you don’t want  to educate when you can legislate. Hypocrites complain, but do nothing to solve the problems, which creates, more problems. I guess it is just easier  and cheaper to put a bullet in your problems, or legislate destruction of freedom of choice–another gift from GOD.

And for you lunatics, who want to come up on me about Liberal bullshit, know, I detest the Liberal mentality as much as your conservative crap. If you took the time to read my blog, you’d know that. So, anyone who came here to go off making accusations, guesstimations, and proclimations of MY personal beliefs without reading my blog for clarification, I will not bother responding to you personally. If you have some real, reasonable, thought provoking input, we can go at it, but these propagandic, shallow attempts at argumentation, are degrading to the philosophic process and beneath me.

There are different, better, less violent ways to control the population, ask yourself, why, if it has to be done, would any one settle for this method? Unless it is a deeply disturbed, psychologically unwell person.  Like Ms. Palin. She may not have thought up the idea, but she has the power to change it. $150 bounty for a severed leg? What is that for? How does that help the cause?  Why not use that money for research to find a viable non violent method of contraception, and population control?  Nature will rule, regardless of man’s illusion that he does. You should be careful not to take too much, because the planet will bite back. Believe it.

Palin is the Queen of you all. Thank you for reading my blog. You crazy freaks.

love, love, love

gypsy zingaro

Palin = Evil

Sarah Palin disgusts me. Please stop her. Please.

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