Doing what is right…

bears it’s own reward.

Like when Arjuna was shooting those animals in the forest. I always thought that was so barbaric, and cruel. But I missed the point.

It was specifically the joy he seemed to experience when he shot those birds through the heart. I thought, wow, that does not seem right, does it?

Our ideas of heroes generally do not include those who relish taking life. But this is not what it was about.

He was hitting the target. He aimed his arrow, and was spot on. This was his dharmic gift. Hitting the target, not taking the life.

I find myself wondering why, like I bet a lot of people do, why I am the way I am. Direct or rude?  Forthright or cruel?  Straightforward or curt?

It all depends on whom you ask. Really.  So, I must now assume that those who find my manner brusque, see me as the Arjuna who likes taking life, while the rest appreciate me as someone who relishes taking aim.

Regardless, I sleep well at night, and I am comfortable inside and out of the illusion.

follow tao.

i goes away.

what is left

is right.


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