Congratulations Soldier Family!

Today DADT was halted. I am proud of this nation right now. Before I bask in the wonder of this actually happening I would like to address the naysaying that is being directed to Obama.

He could have come in here gangbusters and forced the disbandment of DADT. He tried to get the dialogue going before GOP filibustered. But how telling and awesome is it that this unfolding justice is the result of the Log Cabin Republicans? Fucking brilliant. Brilliant on Obama’s part. Brilliant. Now when they want to start pointing fingers…

I don’t worry though, in 50 years they will be touting themselves as the liberating (collective) party that freed the homosexuals. Pssht.

Now when the GOP tries to Patriot Act us again, they will be AGAIN at odds with their own party. Not the Dems. No, the LCR challenged this, and won! Let the infighting begin, again.

So on this day, I would like to congratulate those soldiers affected by DADT on finally getting the freedoms for themselves that they have fought for us to have for so long.

Mazel Tov! Yes.


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One response to “Congratulations Soldier Family!

  • Melynda

    There was no self-congratulating going on in those European countries that have pretty much always allowed gays to serve and die honorably.

    But this is not about that little point. In 50 years this sexual orientation will be a non sequitur.

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