Saving the Planet is Anti-Christian

This has me so angry I am shaking.   Liars. Liars. Liars. Look, if you don’t want to recycle, DON’T! But to go this far to spread lies based on your own fear, I cannot forgive this, right now. It will probably take me all day.



Saving the Planet is Anti-Christian.


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3 responses to “Saving the Planet is Anti-Christian

  • Ampbreia

    Wow fundamentalists can be mental! Thank heavens all Christians aren’t like that or probably even most. Don’t worry so much. No ones going to let those idiot rule the day for the rest of us and most of the Christians I know, being of normal intelligence and sanity, are too smart to fall for the lie that it’s somehow a good thing to destroy the planet we all live on.

    • Janis Alanis

      Thanks for coming. I appreciate your commenting.
      The thing is this is not just an assault on the planet (the one humans need to survive) but also logic, and in the name of Christ no less. It does a grave disservice to both Science and Religion to use “reason” this way. We are well on our way to becoming a Theoidiocracy. Fear and Ignorance together scares the bajeebus out of me. Its like we are all using the same words, ie “evidence”, “proof”, “science” (yes science) but the disparity between definitions has created a mass of people who choose to use them to suit their own bigoted agenda. This offends me on so many levels. I pray for rational discourse, but I see where praying gets me.

  • majii

    Don’t give up on praying for things to change, JA. I’m not giving up because there’s too much at stake. The sins/wrongdoings of these people will catch up to them, one way or another. They will lie all day long, but they will not reveal their strong ties to Big Business and Big Oil. These two entities, and money, are the only gods they worship. They can forget all about their fear of the debt that their progeny will be faced with in the future. That worry takes second place if their progeny have to deal with coping with the effects of negative changes in the environment.

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