SON OF A BITCH:::Texas Judge Beats Disabled Daughter on Video





Texas Judge Beats Disabled Daughter on Video.


Be aware. This video is graphic. Please pass this on and on. This man needs to be beaten with a belt or hung by his balls. Utter bullshit. What a son of a bitch.

Dear child abusers,

You feel big? You feel mighty? Beating and cursing a child out? That is how you feel good? You are pieces of shit who deserve lynching. I hope they take this guy down and the rest of you chicken shits who don’t know any better than to pick on someone your own size.

Really?!?! Really? Really.

I hope you can pass this on. Please call this man’s office, the institution that governs him and the TX CPS.



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2 responses to “SON OF A BITCH:::Texas Judge Beats Disabled Daughter on Video

  • Meridith@ Goldis Jewelry

    What has this world come to? I could only watch a minute of this terrible scene before I had to flick it off. This judge is a complete psychopath as evidenced by his reaction to his daughters downloading music and to top it off his 16 year old daughter has cerebral palsy. It is unbelievable that an educated judge would partake in such a thing. Now I get it that things get heated in a household sometimes and mistakes are made there is no excuse for what he did. Unfortunately given the laws and rules that govern this sort of thing may make it very hard to prosecute Judge Adams. The statue of limitations is long past so there will likely be no legal action again judge William Adams but what I can tell you is that his career as a judge is over. Can you imagine this guy making decisions in a family court?.

    • Janis Alanis

      Thanks for coming and sharing Meridith. You are right. This man has no business meting out justice if this is how he treats his own child. And the statute of limitations be damned, it is better late than never. That he won’t be a judge anymore is good but the international shame that is coming down on him now is what I call karmic justice. I pray his community holds him accountable and that he never again has the power to shape this world again with his psychopathy.
      I would like to add that even though it is tragic to consider the girl’s physical challenges; this would be no less disturbing had she not been afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. It is never ok to do this to anyone. I am not implying that you feel that way, but its bothered me that some people seemed incensed by the attack on a “sick” child, when the truth is that this man’s behavior is abominable on every level and more common than anyone thinks it is. For every judge’s daughter’s video, there are probably millions of kids being beaten and maybe even killed by parents on power trips. Until we as a species decide to eradicate this despicable trait in humanity we will continue to pay the price with the perpetual re-creation of an ever-violent society. Let me know how that works out for you humans! SMH.

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