Don’t Ask, Don’t Sell out your brethren

Today was wonderful. And by that I mean it was part awesome and part unbelievable. I am proud that even though it took mani/pedis for all the Republicans to even consider striking down this bigoted legislation DADT, I wonder how did we get her to begin with and how will we get out of this mess.

Many people think as soon as the law is signed we will put this behind us. But that is far from the truth. My guess is that the 30% of the armed forces that were left after the 70% that saw no risk of repealing this travesty, are going to cause a great many problems for this transformation. Perhaps a little “friendly fire” ala Pat Tillman? I would not put it past our bigoted soldiers whatsoever, to “accidentally” kill someone they feel ‘threatened’ by.  Just like passing DADT didn’t solve the issue of gays in the military, repealing it will not solve problems of bigots in the military.  For now, I’d like to just bask in the glow of destroying John McCain’s day, the way he destroyed this country’s opportunity for intellectual discourse when he inflicted us with ‘that one’.  Seems only fair.

But I urge people to remain engaged. The hardest battles are still ahead. Our troops need our support more than ever as we attempt to make right that which Reagan made wrong and everyone else has perpetuated since.

So to my friends in the family, I congratulate you. I apologize to you. And I thank you.  Now please come home from this god awful war.


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