Right now I am intensely interested in finding out everything I can about revolution. So I am reading The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The State by Vladimir Lenin. Stalin was an asshole. Lenin was a Leninophile. And I am convinced Marx and Engels hated mankind, overshadowed by their own overinflated senses of self-importance.

Thomas Paine is a wonderful writer. I am certain that I am not biased as I can see some fine points about Marx and Lenin, and perhaps it is a cultural thing that disables me from understanding exactly what their motivations were. But Paine, his words are so beautiful, so logical, so American. And I do not normally get all googlie goo about America. This neo-bigoted patriotism that is catching these days had really put me off.  In reading Paine, one understands why we were proud to begin with and how we could get back to deserving that kind of pride. We have strayed, no doubt. But his words are there, to be read by anyone who wishes to know how America became great in the first place. And how we might return to greatness.

Please check him out. Second best thing I have read from America since Thoreau. And you all know how I feel about H. D.

just a love letter to change.


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