This one is for my friends and family.

Y’all know me. You know I am not afraid of much and I am lucky to be loved as I am, because god knows it ain’t easy. But today, on this beautiful sunny day, I sit in Ruta Maya and from the balcony I watch strangers learn to Salsa dance together with the thick smog of coffee wafting up to greet me, it is today, that I declare a full on war with the greedy, selfish, ignorant assholes who seem to be in  charge or taking over.

It is on. I will take you down. I have been pretty nice up til now, but I am officially pissed off. I am angry at the egocentric moronic thieves who think they can go about stealing people’s trust and ipods, and walk around free thinking they have gotten away with something.

You haven’t. i know who you are, and I am coming after you. I will not rest, until I call you out, and set you straight. This is my dharma, this is my duty, and I am happy, nay, joyful to have come to terms with it. You-you assholes, who steal, and lie, and are fake and phoney, the ones who think not once at all about taking advantage of the trust someone gives you, politicians, milkmen, sports guys and girls, ladies, dudes, gentlemen and broads–if you have it in your mind to take advantage of someone, anyone, know this–i am coming after you, and i will get you, and when i am done, you will have no questions regarding righteousness as the gypsy sees it.

you have been warned. i am on a mission from shiva.

you brought this on yourself, i am merely delivering your karma.

the conch blows, as i stand on the field of kurushetra, i have officially had enough of this.

so, feel free to carry on your evil ways, la zingaro will have the last word.

hand me  gandiva, halter the horses, blow the conch.


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Thinker, BS detector, champion of Reason. Unafraid. Ticked off, and riled up. View all posts by Janis Alanis

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