Anger is just a mask An Ode to Logic

Anger is just a mask

For failed expectations.

If we had no expectations of being treated fairly, why would it anger us or even surprise us when we are not?

It wouldn’t.

Expectations are the seeds of disappointment.

The question is, how do we live without fostering this human nature of expecting based on our own personalities, desires and       hope?

it is a sticky one.

But I know that I am never angry, when I see it coming.  It is when I tell myself, surely, surely, not. But that is my hope talking not my logic.

Hope! Ha. Expectation and hope are intrinsically linked. You have to believe without proof which will only follow and can be justified or regretted.

Yep. Logic is the way to go. We don’t always like what we hear, but maybe we will, but it is solid. No denying that.

sans attentes.


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12 responses to “Anger is just a mask An Ode to Logic

  • Pierre

    For any meaningful human relationship, a certain amount of faith is required. Faith, not in the sense of blind devotion, but in believing in the potential without which one may not experience the other from center to center, that is, meaningfully, painfully, fruitfully. Ultimately, if one is not ready to be hurt, one is not ready to yet be alive. Pain is of the character of existence, and the universe is but a giggling child.

    • Janis Alanis

      Existence is suffering, not pain. There is a difference. Pain is inevitable but suffering can be ceased. Suffering comes from a lack of awareness of the illusion in which we experience pain. Pain is not necessary, in fact it is necessary to over come in order to reach for the true essence of living.
      just sayin…

  • Pierre

    I’m not asking for your sympathy, I’m not high, and most definitely I’m not an ascetic.

  • Janis Alanis

    Faith is blind devotion to an idea or to “possibilities”. I chose not to live on possibilities but rather on realities. Even if you have ‘faith’ in something and it goes the way you had planned, it is not faith that made it so. It is the bundle of conditions.
    Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not promoting pure skepticism either. I neither hope nor doubt the outcome of life.
    It is best just to live it. Come what may.
    How do you know when to stop hoping and start acting? Seems like people waste a lot of time having faith instead of doing faithful things.
    Not even faith can save the world from non action. This is where pain and suffering merge. People know what is right, but do nothing, how does faith help us there? I await your response.

  • Pierre

    My utterance concerning faith had a very specific connotation underlying it: “For any meaningful human relationship, a certain amount of faith is required.” That is, a faith, being the very contrary of an absolute, is rather directed towards, ingrained in the “human potential” within the other as well as within oneself; striving for a genuine experience in which one decidedly wants to become, to change, and for which a certain minimum of awareness, objectivity and courage in the approach is required. A faith that does not hinder action, activity, but rather, the person in his believing in the “potential” always strives to give birth to that potential which does not yet exist, and crowns the rebirth of the new out of the womb of the older to be in the natural order of a universe that is eternally fluxing. I very much agree with Nietzsche when he says that “Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man.” What does Nietzsche mean by hope? One slacks and relegates his will today for his willing tomorrow, for others’ willing on his account; the lack of will-to-power is man’s ultimate torment, though this will-to-power strives, happily, amid strife and contradiction. In a religious sense, man’s ultimate hope is in an afterlife for which life here on earth is accepted as miserable, is made miserable, sacrificed in obedience. In this manner man simply fails to act today, and tomorrow, and forever. The prerequisite for faith, in my very specific sense, is awareness, doubt, with a will bent on overcoming.

    Consider these two positions.
    1 – Faith is fully accepting the answer and only then asking the question. Faith inevitably walks along blind lines.
    2 – To declare faith in humanity is, by evidence of history, to rely on a possible impossibility. Yet, for the sake of sanity, for children’s sake, for the sake of love, I ground myself in that which only potentially exists. I strive to create my humanity, for the sake of my humanity.

    Your display picture strikes me as ouroboric.

    The new world-conception.– The world exists; it is not something that becomes, not something that passes away. Or rather: it becomes, it passes away, but it has never begun to become and never ceased from passing away–it maintains itself in both.– It lives on itself: its excrements are its food. Nietzsche, The Will To Power

    The universe resembles a child that is giggling both in his destroying as in his creating. In his innocence the universe kills, hurts and destroys, just like a child, in order to create. We are the universe’s excrements and food. Of course, suffering itself is an illusion in that we project it and make it a character trait of the universe; but indeed, it is how we specifically experience existence; the universe itself knows neither pain nor joy. The universe is amoral. But we are innate in the universe; our creating goes hand in hand with our destroying. The new, for instance, cannot come to be but through the womb of the old. For one, this is particularly apparent in art and aesthetics. Love, to be genuine must not hinder its self from experiencing itself; in all true experience change is the immediate and recurring outcome; change is painful and joyful at the same time.

    In any case, as Marcus Aurelius would say, “The universe is change, life is opinion.”

  • Janis Alanis

    I still have a hard time following you here. The most meaningful relationships I have had required NO faith, but were meaningful because of how people behave, their actions, not my expectation of their actions but how they actually act.
    It requires living in the moment. Appreciation in retrospect, but never in expectation which is just a 75 cent word for Faith.
    Perhaps we view what is meaningful differently. I do not need things to be preemptively meaningful. It is only by looking behind me that I can judge what bears meaning. The rest is conjecture. Not a safe, happy place.
    Change need not be joyful or painful. It just is. We can and DO assign it emotional values that otherwise do not exist.
    For me a ‘meaningful’ existence depends on allowing it to be, rather than needing it to ‘be–something’.

  • Pierre

    Our existence in a universe in which we randomly sprang is inherently meaningful, and remains so even without projecting upon existence’s face our own anthropomorphic values i.e. meaning is inherent in us; even nihilism betrays a certain mode of valuation—or lack, thereof—and is therefore inherently meaningful by posing for meaninglessness.

    Our values, however, have no absolute grounding—absolute, being a contradictory impossibility—for when it comes to values, the “correct criterion” is lacking, non-existent. In society, values are continually up in the air and continually being re-valued.

    Rather, the creation and destruction of values, through the ability to conceptualize, is the fundamental drive of human existence without which there can be no human or notion of being—what we call consciousness. As for the values, they do not ground the world but rather ground us in the world, and transpire “our” character. Our values have no bearing on existence, but define who “we” are, and as such are either “negative” or “affirming.”

    In all creating—as in destroying one might presume—there is expectation; and mine of myself is great, I accept no less. However, expectation, as I said before, grounds me in the present, through which I affirm my past, my future, and strive to create myself through my becoming. Grounding being in becoming that is.

  • Janis Alanis

    “Our existence in a universe in which we randomly sprang is inherently meaningful,”
    How do you figure?
    How is anything random and with ‘inherent’ meaning?
    Please explain.

    I can see you like to opine. Words are pretty, but even they have no inherent meaning. HA!
    Inherent has no inherent meaning.

  • Janis Alanis

    I have never witnessed anyone say so little using so many words. You are lost in the illusion man.

    Answer this question in ONE word.
    What is the meaning of life?

    Can you do it?
    I can.

  • Pierre

    No I can’t. I’m ignorant and now I can see it. Thank you. Bye.

  • Janis Alanis

    Ah, Pierre! Don’t go away mad.
    We are ALL ignorant. This ignorance is what binds us to each other. Revel in it. I love words too. But they are like bubbles. Pretty to look at but verily non substantial.

    We can’t take them so seriously. I believe true beauty lies far outside the lines of speech.

    Gratitude. A word I like. Yet it has no material manifestation. It needs no expectations, and carries no pain.

    This to me, is the meaning of life. If you can manage to be grateful at the end of your day, then you have accomplished more than any knowledge gained in books can ever help you.
    That’s all I’m saying.
    Relax. And keep it simple.
    la zingaro

  • Pierre

    Unlike you, and for reasons I will not delve into, keeping simple is a luxury I cannot, do not want to, afford. I’m happy for you though.

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