My Love

Where have you gone, my dear old friend?
I’d love nothing more than to spend a day or three
in your company.
Are you mad with me? I’d expect it.
Lately, you are the most neglected
focus of my life, what with the
strife and et alii, all which
keep me very busy.
You’ve no idea how much I miss you.
I could kiss you.
I miss your warm embrace.
The smile you put on my face
after spending the night with you.
Just the thought makes my heart race,
what can I do,
to persuade you to come visit me soon?
I will wait with bated breathe;
as long as I live, until my death,
sowing what I reap.
A fugitive held hostage from respite
Please come and find me, my love.
I miss you dearly, Sleep.


About Janis Alanis

Thinker, BS detector, champion of Reason. Unafraid. Ticked off, and riled up. View all posts by Janis Alanis

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