Adored by many, hated by some; loved by each and all.
Worshipped and despised by the very same.
Hoping to see the fall.
Or capitalize on the fame.
Often both; in ways large and small, no matter the cost;
kill the artist, the art is lost.
Along with the cure.

Blithely dismiss all of humanity
for the sake of the inanity of establishment
and an agreed upon illusion.
This cultlike collusion for mediocrity
will not be tolerated and shall be destroyed.
On behalf the institution of truth.
Kshatryia has been deployed.
The path of a tornado; unavoidable revolution.

Feed on greed and the seeds you plant
will grow as weeds
nourished by your selfish slant of give me over
let me,
take and take.
How much does anyone need for heaven’s sake?
There is so much more at stake,
words will never trump deeds.

Exceed and lead, numbers, charts.
At the top, fall apart.
Give and give, never stop.
Glimpse a view from the very top.
Work and work and then drop; never claiming the prize.

More than a piece of you dies; lost most of you long ago.
Still never let it show, never disappoint,
Never asked to be annointed.
Don’t recall being appointed, yet responsibility even so;
is quite inescapable.

How far does the bodhi tread?
Until they are dead? No path will be denied.
Walk into the rip tide, swim to the other shore.
What you do is not always what you are here for.


About Janis Alanis

Thinker, BS detector, champion of Reason. Unafraid. Ticked off, and riled up. View all posts by Janis Alanis

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