Boycott Rush Limbaugh Here are his advertisers

Boycott Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers and sponsors.

Let the Free Market reign.  Tell these capitalist companies that your money will be redirected unless theirs is.


Take down the fat bastard.


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3 responses to “Boycott Rush Limbaugh Here are his advertisers

  • J. Popp

    I have “suspended” my accounts with 2 of the companies I do business with who have pulled advertising from Rush Limbaugh.
    Pro Flowers and Carbonite.
    I readily admit that I wouldn’t be customers of theirs if it wasn’t for Rush.
    I find it disgusting that these companies would bow to political pressure from known groups whose singular focus is to personally destroy and silence those who disagree with their agendas.
    These “town criers” have ignored much worse that’s been said by those who they agree with politically.

    This set-up by the left is also being ignored. Fluke is an activist only enrolled at Georgetown to force her views that are counter to the schools. And she was given a platform in a kangaroo court created by the left and the media for the soul purpose to distract the public away from The Obama admiration’s blatant disregard of the constitution. The contraception/abortion pill mandate is not about women’s reproductive “rights” and access. This is about an administration forcing institutions, religious and not and private companies to supply products for “free.”

    Rush basically asked this question “What do we call a woman who wants us to pay for her to have unlimited sex without consequence?” Well?

    Please “suspend” your relationship with these companies who have “suspended” theirs with Rush.

    Pro Flowers ,Quicken Loans, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Citrix Systems Inc., Carbonite and Legal Zoom.

    • Janis Alanis

      This is the Free Market working pal. That you love Rush and hate the Free Market belies a great schizophrenia. This is THE PEOPLE talking. Just because they don’t agree with you and your misogynistic buddy doesn’t mean that the “Left” is setting up a conspiracy. I have despised Rush Limbaugh’s style for the 25 years he’s been on air. If anything, I am just sorry it took this long for everyone else to tire of his vitriol and ignorance.
      FTR, I am on birth control for a very painful condition that made me suffer for years and not because I am NOT sexually active. Not that is any of your goddamned business but as a man you obviously have NO idea how contraception works as preventative medical treatment for other things besides pregnancy, (did you know it can prevent CANCER in women?? do you even care?), you have no business chiming in on something you don’t understand. So go get some education, find out what is going on or shut your pie hole.
      Its not just about REPRODUCTION. It is about pain, cancer, choices, pregnancies too. Birth control is none of your business. Next time you show up at my blog you better have more than ignorant talking points. Don’t EVER come her with your propaganda and half informed bullshit again.

    • Janis Alanis

      Please, if you read anything else today, read this. Under this mandate tax payers WILL NOT pay for birth control any more than they pay for your Viagra or Blood Pressure meds. I am so sick of people repeating this lie. Your insurance covers your meds, and that is what this is about. The INSURANCE covering it. No tax payer money is being grifted in any way. So next time you go to get your scripts at Walgreens or CVS or Walmart for $4, either you need to assume that I am paying for whatever you aren’t or deal with the reality that that is a complete lie. And when you defend Rush or anyone else telling that lie, you have no integrity to argue with. Stop lying, then maybe we can get some shit accomplished. Don’t ever come here to lie. NOTHING pisses me off more.

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