GOP and Nazis

Republican Congressional Candidate Says ‘Holocaust Never Happened’ – Oak Lawn, IL Patch.


If there is any doubt that the GOP has lost its mind take a look at Arthur Jones. Now, some GOP might (might!) argue that he does not represent the GOP, but until the GOP comes out swinging against him and his insane charges about the Holocaust, then they are complicit in his idiocy.

I realize that anyone can call themselves anything, and Arthur does–America First Committee, but his alliance with the GOP is undeniable (he votes with them 90%).  And to self identify as one who puts “America First” he is extremely unaware or unappreciative of the diversity that plays a role in the US.

I am tired of these crazy nutbars not only being allowed to spew ignorance but unchallenged at that. We need to stand together and fight this kind of bullshit. Or the next time, they will come for you.


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