Dear Sarah Palin

As February looms, I am eager nay excited to attempt to shun your presence in the national media spotlight due to a pledge I made to ignore your existence and take a much needed vacation from your shrill, uneducated influence on politics. But before I jump into a wondrous unimaginable bliss, I would like to give you one small piece of advice before I go, as it is my hope that once I stop clicking links about you I will never return to this abyss.

Fire your ghost writer. I am guessing that ManSOUR is still pecking out your responses and honing your “style” of rhetoric despite how utterly juvenile you have been revealed yourself to be. But your response to the State of the Union address has sunken your credibility to an all new low. You (or your writers) appear to be nothing more than 8th Grade flunkies. Your attempt at humor, drawing on pop culture for idiots and level of immaturity make you seem beyond foolish. WTF? Really? And that your minions mindlessly snicker at your arrested development only worsens any chance you might ever have to be taken seriously, although, I feel certain that ship sailed ages ago.

But is it that you want your legacy to be of an imbecilic sniper who hasn’t the courage to face the nation yet instead a Facebook legend who’s hired guns are armed with water pistols full of piss? It is clear to anyone (with a brain/intellect) that you haven’t the gravitas nor even desire at this point to be considered a real threat and you are just like you buddy Rush, living out the Mean Girls fantasy of destroying those people in High School that made you feel less than pretty or deficiently smart. Irony: every time you open your mouth you prove every one of those people right. You are ugly and stupid. And I don’t mean that in any other way besides your personality is mentally defective and your aura is monstrously mangled. These are things you should consider unless you do not mind being COMPLETELY embarrassed again in 2012, when “God” again chooses Barack Obama over you.

Just some food for thought. I love you dear. Best of luck.

Abraham Lincoln said, “It’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you a fool, then open it and remove all doubt.”  Learn it, live it, love it.


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