How many people have to die

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Because nutjobs can’t tell the difference between political rhetoric and outright hatred and bigotry.   Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck  et. al. You have done this to America. Your followers perpetuate a state of agitation that is apt to spill over in the laps of the deranged.

I mean, I can see how most of these honyoks are so obtuse as to lack the foresight of possible ramifications of this hateful rhetoric, but to completely miss the signs of how their vitriol has instigated this atmosphere of insanity is not only careless, it is reckless. I am sick to death of their willful ignorance. It’s dangerous! Ask Jared Loughner. In his mind, the words “Unconstitutional” and “Currency” took over, his schizophrenetic obsession with talking points issued by the political leaders today who bandy these claims and assertions as though they are solid and true drove him to kill. Perhaps you did not pull the trigger, but hate helped load the gun. No doubt. And I pray to your god that you are punished accordingly.

And to the assholes championing this attempt at assassination, there is a special place in hell for you. But be careful what you cheer for, because what you are setting up is an atmosphere where it is okay to kill those you disagree with, and if you think that rightwingnuts are the only ones with guns, you are sadly mistaken. Push, you will be pushed back.


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2 responses to “How many people have to die

  • Melynda

    I’d agree with you about the hell part, if only I believed in hell. I wish I did, just for times like this. Sarah Palin’s unskillful graphic is still available online. Here’s a link with commentary from Daily Kos:

    Ya know, when I “target” students, I put a little asterisk or star next to their name. Never in a million years could I imagine why a rational and sophisticated human being would put CROSS HAIRS over a political target unless they had some other motive. You only put the CROSS HAIRS on someone you hate and, in a public forum, want others to hate. I am no politician, I am by no means a public figure but even I understand that everything I say has and carries meaning about which I must be cognizant and sensitive.

    I’ve been watching FOX all evening: I must have heard “lone wolf” and “troubled past” a thousand times.

    Aren’t the rightwingfuckers the ones with the guns? Aren’t they the ones that use the guns in this way? When have any leftwingfuckers used guns in this manner?

  • Janis Alanis

    Oh Melynda, I thought of you all day. I am very grateful you are in my life.
    When (the very first day!) Palin put out that Assassination Graphic, that is what I will call it, remember? I made one too. I was super pissed, and I wanted her to know what it felt like. The abject absurdity that anyone would be so careless angered me in ways I could not and have not since imagine(d). Until yesterday. But because you are my reasonable friend, you chided me for my recklessness, and I defended myself with the Fire with Fire argument, but cooler heads prevailed and out of respect for rationality I took my picture down.
    Yesterday my life took on a whole new responsibility. Words and their importance weigh heavily on me. They are my stock and trade. And I am not afraid to admit that sometimes I get caught up in the eddy of emotions, but if this episode has taught any of us anything, it should be that reason and logic are the keys to working out our differences. Even though my picture of Palin in crosshairs was symbolic (and I will add that I believe hers were too) we never know who is reading, and what they are reading INTO the ideas we promulgate. In the end, our INTENTIONS can have very little impact on others’ INTERPRETATIONS. In that we are all responsible for what we create, whether it be bombs or blogs.
    This is not really about gun control. This is about how society has lost its way. A troubled young man caught up in the fervor of schizophrenia and sidelined with incendiary political rhetoric. This is about how we are so disconnected from one another that a young man can have a psychotic break and still roam unnoticed at a Safeway. Where are his friends? His neighbors? His family? His teachers? Where are WE? Now six are dead including a little girl born on 9/11/01. How the fuck is that for symbolic?
    The boy was not a lone wolf. We created him. We are responsible for him. We are him.
    Thanks for always being my yin. I can always count on you. Looking at Jared Loughner makes me realize just how lucky I am.
    Love you doll. Hug those babies for me.

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