Who is really the bad guy?

This is part of a post at TPM. I love that site.

But it needs to be said. Religion has made the masses stupid and gullible. Not baggin’ on religion, but a knife can be used to spread jam or stab a man, all depends on whomever is holding it and how they choose to use it. And humans have chosen to use religion as a crutch instead of a cape. They have shamed religion to the point it has become the obvious answer when someone espouses idiocy. I digress. This in fact, is not about religion.

I have never said Zionist control Wall Street nor the White House. Helen Thomas did. I was merely extrapolating my understanding of the political/religious implications of this ongoing societal scourge. I think rich people rule everything. And I think that while the masses perceive some delineation between parties and religions, the very wealthy come from every background you can imagine and that they all work together, not giving two shits about their “God”, so long as they remain rich and you remain poor. Zionists? Evangelicals? Christians? Muslims? Dems? Pubs? Matters not. Look at the most powerful in EVERY one of these groups, just so happen to be the most wealthy. Fighting for tax breaks, so they can all have more money. All this religious talk is just to distract you from the truth, that this a class war between the haves and have nots. Zionist aligning with Muslims, Christians sharing profits with the Military Complex. Wake up people, God has nothing to do with this.


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