Christine O’Donnell Book: Delaware Sensation Will ‘Set The Record Straight’

The message that is being forced upon this nation is the New American Dream which is to be as illiterate­, ignorant, divisive and low rent as possible while, accomplish­ing nothing of intrinsic value to society, while disgracing any attempt to accomplish a meaningful run at office and then scoring a book deal (and possibly a reality show) to betray the truth by implementi­ng your own egocentric slant on the telling of ‘your story’. The dream is that any two bit chump who looks good in pink lip gloss can manipulate the masses while selling patriotism out of the trunks of their cars to people who have no idea their flags are now MADE IN CHINA.
I don’t think I would pursue any book “written” by someone who I do not believed has ever read a book.
I guess that makes me a Nazi. Amen.
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