George Bush Praises Obama, Talks WikiLeaks & Admits He’s Just Trying To Sell Books In Facebook Webcast

“I think the idea of putting more troops in was something that I can applaud,”
This should give Obama pause (and shame).
“I also appreciate some of the education position. As I understand it they do believe strongly that accountabi­lity is necessary in order to achieve excellence in the classrooms­.”
Accountabi­lity = excellence­? Call The Hague. Let’s make him fanfreakin­tastic.
“I’ve written this book because I recognize there’s no such thing as accurate short-term history. I want to give future historians a perspectiv­e: mine,”
Because hey, why not, been tellin’ my version all along…
Bush said, “Leaks are very damaging and people who leak ought to be prosecuted­.”
Yeah, Ask Valerie Plame and Karl Rove about that.
And then I could read no more without vomiting. The logical disjunctio­n that eddies about him is dizzying and I lay on my floor discombobu­lated.
Never saw anyone so…broke from reality.
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