Willow Palin Facebook Posts: Homophobic Slurs, Curse Words & More (PHOTOS)

Maybe she did. Would not surprise me a bit. What I find most disturbing is Bristol taking part. She is a mother now, is that how she will raise her child to behave? She needs to grow up. The little one is a minor. But Bristol is an “adult” who should be setting an example of grace and maturity, if not for her sister, for her baby.

You do not prove your superiority over people by cursing them out and calling them offensive homophobic names. In fact you achieve the exact opposite. I did not always agree with my family, but I would never embarrass them in public by behaving so ignorantly. I do not expect all teenagers to understand how to take the high road, but if her parents were raising her properly, she ought to know better than to call someone a “faggot”. As my father would say, That girl’s got a lot of class. It’s all low, but she’s ripe with it.
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