A nice exchange. I love this guy. Seymore Clearly, awesome.

Jim Swilley, Georgia Megachurch Pastor, Comes Out To Congregation After Gay Teen Suicides

Jim Swilley, the pastor of a Georgia megachurch, recently revealed to his congregation that he is gay. The 52-year-old father of four said that his wife, to whom he was married for more than 20…

Janis Alanis Zingaro I did NOT choose to be straight. I find the whole idea to be absurd. My guess is that the people who think that they are “choosing” to be straight, do so despite their natural inclinations (for fear, shame, etc) and want the rest of their fellow brethren to suffer along with them because they are too afraid to embrace their true selves.
Logically, if you try to say that being gay is a choice, then you are implying that you chose whatever orientation you are, which I feel the vast majority of heteros never give one ounce of thought. So either it is a choice we all make, or none of us do. How freaking hard is that to grasp?

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Seymoreclearly If there is a choice we must make at some point, it’s the choice of really living…or dying spiritually, which is as good as physical death. It’s the choice to be who we really are & not who others think we ought to be.



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