Palin Lashes Out At WSJ Reporter, Misquotes Story

Bingo. Well said. Well thought. This nation is filled with people who want a leader they ‘can drink a beer with’, and well, they will get everything they wish for, provided they are willing to accept that that is all they will be able to do when all is said and done. The problem is not that people want some one who ‘represents’ them specifically, it is that we have a nation of idiots who have turned politics into high school and seek retribution against their teen torments by reliving their angst as adults with the fate of this nation at stake. Ridiculosity. The question is and the most prominent issue, is how did America become so juvenilely fake and stupid? I am practically ready to drink the kool aid, because awareness is a heavy burden and has gotten me nowhere. How do we fight willful ignorance?
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