Palin Lashes Out At WSJ Reporter, Misquotes Story

My life has changed very little. I was poor before. I am poor now. I make $20K a year with three degrees. I am not starving. I am not behind on my bills. I don’t own anything really. A jeep. Got all my furniture off craigslist. I actually support a dog (which some might see as a luxury). So no. I never lived beyond my means, so I am not in a hole. I try to live simply, always have, so there is less to give up. The recession has wreaked havoc across the nation, I see it. But I have not suffered. I can’t find a job, but I make do. So I think it is a matter less of bang, than what you “have to” spend your buck on. If we learn anything from this disaster, I hope people learn that most great things in life are free. TVs take us from our families, video games have marred the universal consciousness and microwave ovens have made us impatient. But my dog and I have endlessly enjoyed hiking (free), fresh air (free), time together (free), love, spring, autumn, hell, even summer in Texas. All free to those who seek it. Maybe, just maybe that is what it is all about. I vote against your ‘truism’. With all due respect of course. Have a wonderful day.
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