Election Results 2010 LIVE

If this is an attempt to prove your moral superiority and grace, epic fail. It is sad that winning and insults is more important to you than say, an actual plan on how to get us out of this mess your team created last time they had power. What will you do to make the nation stronger? How will you prove that you actually deserve this chance? Gloating? Being childish? And if so, how is this in any way different than how you have spent every other chance you have had? A dose of humility would do you good. And as soon as the people who voted for the Republicans see just how little or not at all they reign in spending and Wall Street, your dosage will come. This election and the next two years of idiocy will all but promise Obama’s reelection.
I hope for your sake, and your ego, that those elected do something positive, but if the last ten years are any indication, I will most likely be moving to Italy, where at least their Premier is an openly bigoted womanizer, not someone who hides behind corporate interests and is a closet homosexual.
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