CNN you blew it.

idiots! Just watched live stream of CNN’s coverage of Pennsylvania. God. You are as bad as FOX. The guy talking with Blitzer just inferred that Philidelphia is going blue because of the ‘ginning of African-American’ vote. What a jack ass. Even if that is true, that is such a gauche way to report. I am sick of opinion in place of reporting. Stick to the numbers asshole, your commentary makes you seem like a bigot and an ignorant one at that and an insensitive one at that. Sheesh. Can’t anyone just freaking report the news without their two idiotic cents? I see them do it without sense all day. Just not the same.

BTW, that is not a “Liberal” bias, that is a white man bias. You would never assume that a white man won for all the white folk stumping. At least not out loud. IDIOTS.

I expect less from them than anyone. They are just as part of the old white man machine as any other news media corp out there.



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