Sarah Palin Blasts Politico’s ‘Crap’ Story

Funny story. I spent the best part of Sunday arguing on Andrew Breibart’s web page where he is UNCOVERING some dirty journalists via a ‘recording’ that ‘proves’ that CBS and the entire world are Liberally biased. The tape is three unidentified voices saying really stupid things ‘accidentally’ left on Joe Miller’s phone. Oceanfront property, Arizona, anyone? So, these folks just got ENRAGED at the implications, never once stopping to ask the WWWWHW questions that Ms. Palin describes as ‘journalistic integrity’ and which she also implies that a lack of answers to these questions constitutes “Yellow Journalism”.
So, she disregards and diminishes any report about herself that does not answer these corroborating evidentiary questions, but when Breibart “broke” this story, he supplied ZERO of these answers. So, either he does not have these answers, or he does have these answers and they do not support his thesis, or he has these answers and he purposefully neglected to answer them in order to cause a stir. Which worked, if that was his plan. Which I think it was.
Funny how Ms. Sarah demands a lack of bias in her direction but stokes the flames of discontent while conveniently disallowing the journalists who support her to be held to same standards.
Am I surprised? No. Am I laughing my a55 off? Yes. She just pwned all the people who she falsely enraged. Brilliant. Will they get the irony? Probably not. No less funny though.
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