Ignoring Scientific Errors

is shaking any less random than taking a blank diode and gluing tiny receptors in the order you ‘reason’ it to be until it actually does what you think it should? after many prototypes? the very essence of inventive creativity is grabbing a random idea and experimenting (shaking) until you manifest it proper. where does the idea of a CPU come from? God? It does not exist in nature. i suppose you could call it ‘guided selection’ but this changes little about the fact that it is against almost all odds that we could have begun as single organisms millions of years ago in a perfectly executed plan and evolved to this, without some crazy randomness involved. maybe god turned away? dropped the box we are in? building creation and building a computer are worlds apart in this argument. a CPU has the potential to be Finished. You can have several Completed ready to run CPUs, but mankind, the universe (which they now think will expand infinitely) it is far from being even anywhere close to Complete. So its like comparing apples and the national highway system (will there ever be a time without construction??)
I just believe the universe is far more random than most people can comfortably grasp. People need someone to be in control. It eases their minds. Amen, so be it.
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