Why Immigration is F^@%ed.

The Real Deal

Although many would like it to be as simple as ‘they’re here illegally, deport them’, its not so cut and dried.

Here is a first hand account. Not a news clip. Not a talking point. Not an assumption based on a dearth of evidence and a xenophobic ignorance.

There are people in the establishment that partake in an exchange in the Ebony Bazaar. For a fee, anywhere from $15K to $50K or more, Mexican families can purchase Real Authentic Papers. They are not forged, for they come right from a government agent, under the desk, so to speak. The difference between these and “Fake” papers is that these are not forged, they are as real as any naturalized citizens’.  However, the Identity is false. That is to say, not the ‘proper’ information corresponding to the paper holders real name, history, etc.  These papers are Authentic but not Officially Authorized. That is to say they are not good copies of Forms made by expert counterfeiters, they are bought at the Bazaar from actual establishment employees looking to retire early. Wink**

With these papers, naturally come a built in Social Security Number. Any ‘illegal’ or legal immigrant working must have this or a Visa number to determine their tax status. And they have one. It usually belongs to someone who is deceased, but the IRS recycles numbers so that is rarely a dead give away. And this is all arranged by an employee of the establishment. They are the only ones with access to such tools, and opportunity. So, you might be surprised to find that if Jose and Maricela are legal or illegal, if they are being paid via paycheck, then they are paying taxes, just like you and me. But, what you may NOT know, that in the culture of illegal living, the folks here on a bought Identity and a borrowed Social Security card, live by the rule of thumb that you should NEVER accept a refund. It is too risky. And you would be surprised how very seldom the IRS goes looking for people who they owe money. Where does that money go you ask? Anyone’s guess really. The IRS benefits, free money! The ICE benefits, job security. The Ebony Bazaar is making more money than any of us/US. And a lot of hard working people get treated like animals and humanity disgraces itself for profit.

Many families will save for twenty years to afford these papers. Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers, primos, tios, sobrinas, y amigos se ayudan un familia to send their twenty year old son who has also worked his whole life for the opportunity to go and work the rest of his life sending money home to repay the village that worked to get him there. And the worst part is: If they get busted, they cannot say a word. They cannot blame or cry or report the officials responsible. This would risk demolishing the chance for anyone to try to make a life for themselves ever again. They paid all these taxes which are being used to deport them, when all they wanted to do is work and help their families.

And I find it most idiotic when people argue that they are soaking up all of our resources with ER visits and being sick. They do not work for 20 years to come here and be sick. They have 50 people back home who may not survive if they do not send 75%  of their earnings from TWO jobs SEVEN days a week. They don’t have time to be sick. I am so over that argument. This proves to me that those who argue this do not know any of these guys and are drinking the kewl aid. And if it really bothers you make sure the IRS forces them to take their refunds then they can afford to live for probably a year, OR use that money to buy yourselves happiness and leave them alone.

But its not enough that it is a crooked path that gets them here and a brutal bigoted hubbub that gets them booted out, but in the process, they dehumanize them and people treat them like animals when I guarantee you have been helped by an illegal more than you know. It is so shortsighted and discompassionate. It embarrasses me as a human.

People like to say its just about the LAW, but if you really cared about Legality, you’d make sure your establishment wasn’t doing this. It is easy to point a finger at the brown person, rather than look deeper and find the you have three fingers pointing back at US. The long and short of it is that until you hold white people accountable for their illegal activities that perpetuate this dilemma, you will always look like a bigot and a racists. Why is it ‘wronger’ for a person to come work hard and take care of his family than an employee of the establishment that is betraying their post, this debate and their duty to this country that they get paid TWICE for?  While Jose pays twice to get thrown out?

But maybe you didn’t know that this who scheme is being perpetrated by dirty establishment employees, but believe me when I say this, until you fix that, this will be a perpetual cycle of idiocy.

And that is the real deal.

Encuentren algunes Mexicanos, Ellos son las mismas de nos, solo mas simpaticos..


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2 responses to “Why Immigration is F^@%ed.

  • Melynda

    What is most stupid and scary is the fact that no one rails against the “white” illegals who remain in country: the Canadians, Irish, Australians, Germans, and Western Europeans. I read somewhere recently that they make up the majority of the student immigrant visas. Well, they are white and English-speaking… so they are no threat to us… right? Who is us anyway? Seriously. As usual, it’s all about the threat from the BROWN man. Thank you, Andrew Jackson, for instilling that fear of the darker colored human in our American conscience.

  • Janis Alanis

    I can always count on you Mel. Those are excellent points I had not even considered. Its less about brown than it is Imperialism and the need to feel superior to others based on a shallow difference. It makes people ‘feel good’ about themselves without having to ‘work’ at it.
    I can’t wait til this whole world is caramel colored and we will have to find some other arbitrary reason to hate one another.
    Which, I am sure we will.

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