Papers? I would like to see your papers.

Before I support ONE ‘lawful’ move made to ask a brown person for his or her papers, I want to see some papers myself.

Do you know what our Congressional Budget is?  Hard to say. I may have to write and request under FOI Act. Did you know that SS Tax is 42% of our Budget income as opposed to 7% in Corporate Taxes? Why are the Corporate Taxes so low, when they make the most money, and my retirement age is going to be shifted because SS can’t survive, and Corporations are LOBBYING and receiving  more breaks besides the whole offshore and outsourcing escapes?

Also, did you know that we spend 23% of our Congressional Budget on Defense, while only 19% goes to Medicaid/care?  So we take in more from those who pay in to use Health Services by over 50%, and the Corporations who arguably benefit from a Defense Budget that uses almost a Quarter of our money, by being able to cost Americans jobs by shipping them to poor countries who will take whatever they pay them while sheltering their monies in offshore accounts.

Corps only pay 7% of WHAT THEY REPORT. If this practice ended, we would be lifted from debt.

But the papers I want to see are Tax Returns. I want to see all of our Congresses and their Lobbyists’ tax records and material worth and have them tell me again to my face that they are not in the pocket of Special Interests. They are NOT hurting like REAL AMERICANS are and they are playing distractionary games with the public. They are not looking out for my best interests by going after Hard Working Mexicans, when they are spending weekends on yachts as Maria cleans the bow.

Show me some proof that these idiots understand that we are not in a Recession, we are fully Depressed.

And please for the love of all that is holy, ask John Boehner for his papers, I have no idea what color he is but I am sure it isn’t NATURAL.


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