Fingerprint Deportation: Homeland Security Deports 47,000 Immigrants

Ya see. I am not sure you and I are in a dialogue as much as you might believe. I have NEVER said we don’t need boundaries, borders, immigration laws. EVER. Not once. I am arguing for logic, nothing more nothing less. I am not proposing that we just let everyone in. When did I say that? Never.
I am arguing for humanity and human treatment and logic as it seems not only contrary to the conflated reports of criminal activity that apply to a few but are blamed on many, but monetarily it is atrocious the amount of time effort and $$ we spend sending back, rather than working with the best of the immigrants who were fleeing corruption and poverty in their country AND at the same time fueling the most violent illegal perpetrators with draconian drug laws that can be seen as the worst element of this issue.
If a bigot can use the law to further his agenda, he will, and when he does that law becomes powerless. The moment it is used to promote prejudice it is useless. Not saying everyone then does so, but once one person uses the law to be a bigot, laws in general lose their integrity. Having said that, the use of this law is rampantly being used as such.
None of this is logical. Reason needs a voice.
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