Mark Williams, Tea Party Express Spokesman: NAACP Is Racist (VIDEO) (TRANSCRIPT)

That is like someone accusing me of being Janis only for me to say no way YOU ARE JANIS. When deep down, we all know I am Janis. I know it. You know it. And so on. They start wars then call them unwinnable when they lose power. They deregulated and discombobulated our economy (with the special help of the war they started which they are now saying is not winnable). Our ex leaders President Cheney Vice Dingledong Bush, I can assure you, are not feeling the pinch that you and I do, and are STILL making shyttons of money from this war, they now say cannot be won. STILL. I really believe they are on drugs. It is like they think we aren’t paying attention. I am.
I am sad that these people are so unaware. And I fear the dearth of logical recourse coupled with mass hypnosis on very weak minded folks whose fear of change and racial harmony has provoked an almost sociopathic willingness to believe whatever is put in front of them, is going to be the end of us US all.
2012 cannot come soon enough.
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