Cause for Concern in Afghanistan

Viet Nam anyone? I am not a Dem nor a Pub. They are both impotent entities at this point, I trust neither nor have faith that either can get a gd thing done. I am convinced they are working together to make themselves rich and cut the rest of US out.
Regardless, I wrote, campaigned and begged my congressmen to not go to this war to hear aholes like Mann Coulter, Dumbelbutt Bush, Dick-hed Cheney, and now Bimble-hed Palin talk down to me, insult my intelligence and rape me of my rights with the Patriot Act for the very purpose of going to a war NO ONE ever wanted nor deemed necessary, that is no one with any sense of logic and true patriotism who would not be willing to risk EVEN ONE troop’s life to settle a familial score.
And so here we are. Now, these same fuqwadingletards who belittled my opinion since eight years ago, the opinion that this was an unnecessary and eventually costly and unwinnable war, are now patronizing me by repeating what I have been saying all along, without a note of contrition and even (!) with more than a hint of hubris as though they experienced a Satori, and now know what some of us have been screaming for eight freakin years.
Do I have that about right?
And wow.
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3 responses to “Cause for Concern in Afghanistan

  • Melynda

    Viet Nam?! No. We are yet and far away from that level of US soldier death. You raise about 20 points of argument in your post. However let’s talk about death and the immediacy of such. He says “Arguably we could make progress for decades on security, employment, good governance, women’s rights and other goals – expending billions of dollars each year — without ever reaching a satisfying conclusion.”
    Ha, ridiculous and funny! Didn’t we do just this such thing in Germany… and Japan. Didn’t it take us 50 years?!?!
    I never agreed to this war, I voted and wrote my heart out against it. Remember, I was a good Army wife at the time.

    We must make a 50 year commitment to Afghanistan and Iraq… we’re still in Kosovo, if you don’t know.

    • Janis Alanis

      You cannot force Democracy on people. Ever. They have to want it. Period. We all know that Karzai is corrupt. Halliburton is corrupt. In general war is a corrupt endeavor. Aholes in air conditioning making millions/billions while young men and women die thinking they fight for justice but in reality it is the ‘American Way’ of greed. This isn’t about numbers, Melynda, not ONE troop should die so the Cheney can have a Mercedes. It’s about integrity, the fact that the pubs asked for this war and now they are publicly turning their backs on the men and women they sent over to that god forsaken mountain land. It is a quagmire of epic proportions. There may not be VN #s now but if we stay there for 10 more or 50 more years, it damn sure will become worse than VN ever thought about being. Just don’t want to see that.

  • Janis Alanis

    @politico Opinion: Afghanistan: Vietnam Redux – Kai Bird –

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