Again, there is no end to hypocrisy. Newt G. is ANTI war.

Another Republican expressing skepticism about Afghanistan: Newt Gingrich | The Seminal.

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WOW. And wow. Where the hell were you all eight years ago. Hell, where were you eight months ago?  Eight days?  Really. As I remember, you were the assholes who sent us to the Afghan mountains. Wow. I mean I would be foolish to be surprised. But hey, I don’t care what, who or when or how, but let us all get those soldiers out and back home and try to clean up the mess in our own backyard before we go tell people how awesome democracy/freedom of choice is as we fight for the rights of our own citizens to marry and do what they wish with their bodies. K?

Go to it Newt. If you got the stones, bring the troops home.


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