Tom Tancredo: Obama A Greater Threat To The U.S. Than Al-Qaeda Or The U.S.S.R. (VIDEO)

Wow. Whoa.
I mean, whoa. wow.
Who pist in his post toasties? And how does he believe making these statements of divisiveness that are tearing our country apart, breeding terror by fearmongering, and bringing the doomsday rhetoric do not HELP the ‘enemy’? They LOVE that kind of vociferous internal dissension being played out in our daily media, why this is exactly what their goal is, so thanks Republicans for turning down positive change and actually being the ‘enemy’s best weapon.
He should be locked up and not permitted to speak to the general public. Because either he is crazy and believes this shyt, or he knows better and he is making a healthy profit from some arms company to spew the vilest most destructive lyin cheatin stealin bs ever. Or…
Beyond hyperbole. I believe these people are on drugs. My guess is coke, lets bring everything back from the glorious 80s!
I’m going to get my jelly bracelets out of storage.
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