Glenn Beck University? Fox News Host Starts Own College

I am inspired! I didn’t know you could just start up universities. I’m in! My university The School of JAZ will feature classes on How to Roll Your Own 101, Mixology, Smartassery and other Useful Tools, and Toolatarian Avoidance: How to Stay Sane in a World of Idiots.
Sign up now, first ten students get a free opportunity to do my laundry. And I thank you all.
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2 responses to “Glenn Beck University? Fox News Host Starts Own College

  • joechianakas

    I cannot believe he actually calls it a “university.” It offends me. I wonder how many people will actually think they are getting a quality education. The right-wing gets scarier every day as it pushes deeper and deeper into a anti-reality lacking logic, reason, and evidence.

    • Janis Alanis

      Consider the source Joe. Anyone who thinks they are getting an education from Beck, both deserves the ridicule that will follow and our compassion. I mean, how sad is that? Let them have their ‘university’. I almost think its cute. I am rigorously trained in Logic, they won’t phase me. And god help us if it keeps them on the computer and out of the street, it could be the best thing for Reason.

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