Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Manifesto: Brought To You By Facebook

Yawn. Anyone can disagree. My dog is disagreeing with me right now. She thinks we should be at the lake and I agree too.
What would you do Sarah?
How would YOU deal with China and Iran? How would YOU reign in government spending? What about your unparalleled popularity with the ignorant teatsuckers’ media? (It is far more reaching than thoughtful journalism.) Why do YOU think we are in Afghanistan? What constitutes success to you in military conflicts? How would YOU handle the choice between pissing off Israel vs. the rest of the world? ENEMY-CENTRIC?? Really? Did you just say that? Who do YOU think our enemies ARE? That is to say if you want us to be prepared to blow EVERYONE ELSE up, who do YOU think our friends are? And lastly, what do YOU think makes America exceptional? Being a bully or being able to unite the globe? Think long and hard before you answer that question. Ask for help. It is framed exactly the way it should be.
Anyone can criticize. ANYONE. anyone anyone anyone. Gonna go to the lake now, and when I get back, Sarah, I want some answers. Happy 4th of July Y’all!
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