For Real.

Here’s the thing. I think (know) I have more than I NEED. I know this not just by looking at the homeless guy, I have been homeless, but also looking at the miserable shape the world is in due to an endless pursuit of more things. Things, are not the answer. We are not in a crisis because there are not enough –THINGS–, we are in a crisis because the human condition dictates that happiness be determined by having more things than others have. Until we address this spiritual deficiency, we will forever be on the precipice of economic collapse. I encourage everyone to use this time of dearth in material goods to ponder the greatness of that which costs nothing, whatever it may be. Until then, the government has you right where they want you.
Give some of your things away, keep some if you must, help someone outside your realm for once, but to argue that ‘that’s life’ renders your opinion categorically selfish, insensitive, obtuse and stingy. You cannot take it with you. If you are not trying to make things better not just for yourself, but for your community, you are a prick.


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