Ari Fleischer: Fire Helen Thomas

Ok. Where to begin…
First, the Jews or anyone doing what the Jews are doing to Palestinians or folks like them, need to get the hell out of wherever they are oppressing, stealing, evoking religious jurisdiction. The Jews are NONRELIGIOUS cleansing, does that make them better than what Ari Butthisface insinuates on Helen’s part? NO.
2nd, learn some history folks, the Jews do not ‘belong’ there and anyone who argues that they do is a bully, illinformed, and quite possibly a bigot of some sort to justify what Israel is doing.

And 3rd, Ari, as a Jewish man who supported a Christian president who made it his life goal to eradicate Islam, you have zero moral authority to, as well as, zero professional authority or credence to be calling for anyone’s job. Shut your ugly mouth.
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