Sarah Palin’s Criticism–wicked, wicked burn

‘Family Guy’ Actress Responds To Sarah Palin’s Criticism.


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One response to “Sarah Palin’s Criticism–wicked, wicked burn

  • Melynda

    You know, I just wish that everyone, everywhere would just stop talking about Sarah Palin.

    Really, I watch her videos with Katie Couric and even with that Fox News guy and she totally looks like the Artful Dodger: She knows exactly what she is saying at the moment she says it. The media has tried to paint her as dumb and ignorant and stupid but… I truly believe that she is not. She is worldly and savvy and evilly bent on gaining power in any way she can.

    Voters, the average American voter, pay attention to who is on the television, on the news. And in this day and age, who is on the blogs and the internet media as well. Stop paying attention to Sarah Palin. If Seth MacFarlane hates her and disagrees with her politics, he should never have made a cartoon lampooning her. Ignore these people and they will go away. BE the change you want to see in the world.

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