Tea Baggers Steeped in Absurdity and they are a little dumb

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What, and I ask in all earnestness, would make them happy? He instituted a spending freeze, and was called callous due to the unemployment rate. He wanted transparency in the Photo-gate of Gitmo, and was criticized for risking our security. Is there anyone with whom the Tea Baggers would approve for any type of confirmation?

Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

Let’s face it. Barry can’t and never will win with these folks, because they don’t even listen to themselves and they don’t even know what they want. They just sit and spew self righteous indignation (NOT AN ARISTOTILIAN VIRTUE) like it has validity based on their own disembodied free floating spurious logic.

Be specific. Tell him what you want. But this bally hoo of nana nana boo, poor word formation and sad excuse for argumentation is pathetic and shameful.  AND WASTEFUL OF TIME AND ENERGY WE COULD USE TO ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH NECESSARY TASKS.

Who wrote that response? And what grade is he in? This is why I don’t take them seriously. They are ignorant and pedantic in the expression of their desires, to which, they are collectively unable to appropriately and succinctly articulate.

Fakes and phonies. Long live Holden.


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